Amazingly, a Fox News Reporter covers Obama’s “copy and paste” birth certificate correctly as posted by Carl Gallups, PNN News and Ministry Network (  Carl Gallups commented on this original video You Tube post to a commenter and this is what he posted:  “we do know for a fact that important people in the WH and DC have all the info (this and MORE!) and they are talking with Zullo, etc. about doing something.”!

The reporter is from Phoenix, AZ, Fox News 10, an affiliate of Fox News, but her name is unknown at this time. Incredibly, Fox News 10 also posted Sheriff Arpaio’s entire news conference on their You Tube Channel!

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Final Conclusions on Obama’s Birth Certificate To Be Announced

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio to give promised “Universe Shattering” press conference December 15, 2016 at 4:00p.m. It will be streamed online. When WOBC obtains the link, we will provide it here.


BREAKING NEWS! Sheriff Joe Announces Press Conference!

According to Carl Gallups Website, Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be announcing his much anticipated, “Universe Shattering” press conference to be held on December 15, 2016!

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The Post & Email “The Obama Eligibility Question – Part III”

The Post & Email “The Obama Eligibility Question – Part II”

We are posting a series of 3 articles written by Sharon Rondeau of The Post & Email.

Please read all 3 articles that contain a plethora of information.

The Post & Email “The Obama Eligibility Question – Part I

Obama-Clinton handed Port Canaveral to Brother of Saddam Husseins Nuclear Bomb Mastermind


Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo Birther Update 09/15/16




Mike Zullo states Donald Trump does not have all the information related to Obama.





Message from Mike Volin 09/08/16

My blog has been refined and now includes Intense Debate. Please join us as we run up to the election to make certain Clinton does not come close to winning.