Final Conclusions on Obama’s Birth Certificate To Be Announced

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio to give promised “Universe Shattering” press conference December 15, 2016 at 4:00p.m. It will be streamed online. When WOBC obtains the link, we will provide it here.


22 thoughts on “Final Conclusions on Obama’s Birth Certificate To Be Announced

  1. I was hoping the conference would cover more than just the birth certificate. Almost everyone has known for years Obama's BC is a total fabrication….and absolutely nothing happened because of that. The expectation that Congress will act now is to live in a fantasy world.

    Exposing and acting on Obama's usurpation of the presidency is a crime too big to prosecute. That was obvious from the moment he was allowed to be sworn in back in 2009. This is why no matter how many people worked very hard, ( and I greatly appreciate their efforts), to get something done about the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people, nothing was ever going to happen. Prosecuting Obama equals prosecuting those who allowed him to be sworn in and covered for him for almost 8 years. Members of Congress will not sentence themselves to prison, or worse, for the crimes they committed in allowing the usurpation.

    • Hey Scott,

      It's your old pal crickey. Congrats on the pending new addition.

      Not sure what's happening here, but I'm sure that Trump knows about this as he knows Sheriff Joe well. As we all know, Trump is no fan of the media and he's given them hives before. Wouldn't doubt that there may be a bit of Rickrolling on 12-15 :).

      • Hey Crick's!

        I'm sure Mike is correct as usual and the conferences on the 15th are just coincidence. I've been told that by another party who's somewhat "plugged in" to the MCSO.

        Still, it's a strange coincidence.

        We're excited (and still a little shocked) at our pending new arrival. I saw her in utero picture the other day and she's gorgeous like her mother. With the age difference between her and the boys, we're going to try for another right away — hopefully planned this time, hehehehe.

        Be well, friend.

        • SB,

          Wondering if Trump will change the time/date of his news conference; the LSM will be all ears for a Trump presser, but perhaps not so much for a Sheriff Joe/Mike Zullo presser. We've already seen how much non-coverage was given to their previous pressers a few years ago; that whole affair with members of the 'press' was sickening.

          Finally a little girl; you could name her Crickey :).

    • I've heard that from one of my Surprise TP sources who gets some inside info from time to time, but one does have to wonder about the timing…

  2. This question is for Mike, but anyone can chime it 🙂

    Have you heard anything about a .pdf "primer" covering the entirety of the MCSO/CCP investigation being released online before the 15th press conference?

    My source on this is the former communications director of a conservative group in Mesa and has been right in the past, but shaky lately.

    Just wondering if anything is floating around out there about this…

  3. Mike and SB,

    Just heard an announcement that Trump will be postponing his Thursday news conference until after the first of the year. If this is true, I'm thinking that he knows that Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo need the entire stage for this one :).

    Can you verify?

      • Yup, Scott, that was for you :).

        It seems to be official now; Trump will have a chat with the puppy press after the first of the year.

        Just wondering if these maroons will pay attention to Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo this time, or if they'll consider the whole thing moot. Ya know, I don't really care how these Neanderthals react; I wanna know, and you, Mike and everyone who posts here do, too.

        The press conference will happen during the homebound commute, but I'll catch it later. Can't wait!

        • If there isn't something significantly new or definitive today, I'm done with this issue. I am up to my nether regions in family stuff and work and 2017 is shaping up to be one of those watershed years for us that only come along once or twice in your life.

          Even if I close the book on the Obama origins scam, I will still know that it was in fact just that — a scam. I might not ever know the why's and wherefore's, but I know that the electronic document of his supposed BC is a forgery.

          Was he born illegitimate?

          Is Frank M. Davis listed as the real father on his BC?

          Was he adopted by Lolo Soetoro?

          Was he brought into the US through Canada and handed off to his "mother" Stanley Ann in Seattle in August 1961 as a newborn?

          Hell, maybe he was born in Kenya, I don't know…

          Anyhoo, I'm hoping for the best today, but prepared for this to be the end of my Obama Origins Quest if that's how it plays out.

  4. Kenya was created in 1888 not 1963. Kenya became an independent country in 1963, as in independent rule was given to the people of Kenya by Lord Mountbatten and was no longer under the direct control of the British Empire.
    Only Americans were referred to as Negros in the 1960's by white people, it is highly possible that the Hawaiian he filled in his birth certificate disliked being referred to as a Hawaiian and therefore put African.
    I find this whole issue a total waste of time, the Hospital records still exist, check those and you will find his birth.

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