Amazingly, a Fox News Reporter covers Obama’s “copy and paste” birth certificate correctly as posted by Carl Gallups, PNN News and Ministry Network (  Carl Gallups commented on this original video You Tube post to a commenter and this is what he posted:  “we do know for a fact that important people in the WH and DC have all the info (this and MORE!) and they are talking with Zullo, etc. about doing something.”!

The reporter is from Phoenix, AZ, Fox News 10, an affiliate of Fox News, but her name is unknown at this time. Incredibly, Fox News 10 also posted Sheriff Arpaio’s entire news conference on their You Tube Channel!

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  1. So how’s that whole Birther thing working out for you? The Obama’s are sitting pretty, the CCP no longer exists, Joe Arpaio is now a retiree, and as of September 16th, Trump dropped the whole Birther issue.

  2. The name of the reporter is Mary Kate Gaffney. And she knows the birth certificate is not a fake. She was just repeating what Zullo said.

  3. LMMFLWAO! Another idiot Obama apologist claiming some other idiot Obama apologist "knows" the birth certificate is "not fake".

    Really, dummy? Does Mary Kate Gaffney have the education and expertise of a Reed Hayes or a Forlab? Do you…?

    Of course not. You're just the typical whiny sniveling angry little leftist — scant education, little accomplishment, no real purpose other than to continuously push your now-failed "fundamental transformation" coup attempt.

    I don't know why, I don't know who did it, I don't know the circumstances surrounding it, but I am 100% certain the .pdf released by the White House on 27 April 2011 and represented as an electronic copy of a scan of Barack Hussein Obama's "certificate of live birth" is a fabricated, manipulated, and constructed file.

    I am not a document expert like Reed Hayes or the PhD's at Forlab, but I work in CAD drafting and digital reprographics daily. I know an altered digital document when I see one. No copier, scanner, or other mechanical or other means could have created the numerous anomalies contained within that .pdf.

    This has always been a tough issue to advance because it is not only highly-technical to explain, but can be incredulous to the uninitiated.

    But make no mistake, that document is a forgery.

    Obama might have a perfectly legal birth certificate lying around somewhere, he himself might not even know what's going on with the forged .pdf, he very well could be a "natural born citizen" under the law (as defined by the SCOTUS), and he could be completely oblivious to all the questionable aspects of his bona fides.

    But I doubt it…

    • Awww…Look at the sad little birther. Obama "got away with it", and all you got for your troubles was…NOTHING!
      Eight years of your life wasted on a pipe dream that was never going to come true. Your big bad sheriff is now a retiree, who's still got some legal hot water of his own to deal with. His "posse" has been dissolved, and the President you so desperately wish would investigate Obama, has wanted nothing to do with birthers since September 16th, 2016.

      All that's left for you is to shriek "But at least the people know the truth!".
      As far as consolation prizes that's gotta feel pretty fucking hollow, as "the people" never took the birther movement seriously. Obama is getting a library, book and TV deals, and a well earned easy life.

      Nothing you did these last eight years to stop him mattered. Not a single bit of it.

  4. You know, an increasing people are saying that Ivanka is Barron Trump's real mom.
    It makes sense if you step back and look at the Trump family objectively. There's something not quite right with the boy, possibly some sort of severe genetic autism. You've got outsider Tiffany, who knows something, but has possibly been threatened into silence, so she keeps her distance. Mr and Mrs Trump don't even live together, but Donald is VERY fond of Ivanka who is living in the White House with him. In previous interviews he's stated that he has no problem with her being labeled a "hot piece of ass".

    I mean I'm not saying this is all true, but it does make one think. Hmmm…

      • I can promise you that post is every bit as authentic as any birther argument!
        It'll have exactly the same amount of historical impact as well.

          • I never claimed to bring evidence. I merely stated that the Barron Trump theory is just as authentic as birtherism, which it is. I'm not stretching the truth one bit there. Its just not worth building an eight year con around. And until whatever government agency ex-Lieutenant Mike Zullo(Gee that guy's been awful quiet as of late!), of the now defunct CCP, supposedly left "the evidence" with actually says something to the contrary, that point stands.

            Prove me wrong, Mike. Find a US court of law that has ruled Obama's certificate a fraud. Just one will do! Until then the two theories are equal in the eyes of the law.

            I mean I get why birthers NEED it to be true. They wasted lots of their hard earned money, and eight years of their lives. Some even had family and friends turn against them, all for the promise that the Obamas would be forced out of the White House.

          • Impossibility to the umpteenth power is only an impossibility.

  5. You mentioned Baron I wanted some proof, nothing that’s ok your opinion is welcome here. As for family and friends turning on them? Another opinion? Now back to the counterfeit documents. To date no one has challenged the findings from the December 15 2016 press conference. Hundreds of tests where performed and all with the same conclusion, yep it’s a fake. Now we move on to other forged documents.

    • Do you know why no one challenged that presser? Because there was nothing too challenge.

      Now, since you're too dim to recognize an allegory when you see one, I will connect the dots for you.
      Barron Trump Theory: Bullshit that no court would ever take seriously.
      Birtherism: Bullshit that no court would ever take seriously.

      Now, I will take my leave of you.
      You can screech that birthers aren't going anywhere, but neither are the people who believe the Earth is flat, or that fire constitutes as a living entity.

      • Ok, lunch break is over. Lets get back to December 15, 2016. No one has stepped forward to refute the last analysis of the counterfeit document. One would have thought the debunkers would be lined up from here to Vancouver and back. Very little if not any arguments. When I say arguments I mean forensic arguments. It may have diminished some, however it’s far from over.

        • Mike, here is the info I mentioned from the World Book Encyclopedia:

          While visiting a friend’s house a few days ago I noticed they had an old set of World Book Encyclopedias. I looked up "president" and found this under "Qualifications":

          Exactly as in volume "P' , last copyright 1958:

          "Qualifications for the Presidency. The Constitution opens the opportunity for election to the presidency to all “natural-born citizens” of the United States, meaning citizens born in this Country. A person born of American parents in another Country, such as Canada or France, would not be eligible for election. The candidate must be at least 35 years old, and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years."

          When I got home I pulled out the same "P" issue from my copyright 1974 World Book Encyclopedia. It said this about "Qualifications":

          "The United States Constitution provides that a candidate for the presidency must be a "natural-born" U.S. citizen. He must also be at least 35 years old, and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years. No law or court decision has yet defined the exact meaning of the term natural-born. Authorities assume that the term applies to all citizens born in the United States and its territories. But they are not sure if the term also includes children born to U.S. Citizens in other countries.

          Apparently, the "authorities" had become "clueless" between 1958 and 1974. It's almost as if they were preparing for Barry the usurper, or someone like him to destroy America from within…….by using her "modified" Constitution to plant an enemy of America in the position of president and commander in chief…..and the plan worked.

  6. Tired, no WEARY, of waiting…
    Is anything going to actually happen for real, or what?!
    It sure SEEMS like the naysayers are right that he's going to get away with all of it!

    • It’s called “rubbing your noses in it”. After eight years of bragging how Obama and people who supported him would be jailed or worse, y’all have earned that much.

  7. No doubt there’s information on Barry in the wikileaks vault 7 releases. Wikileaks Twitter wrote so much more to come. Seeing all the obots in such a panic makes me think something big is coming.

    • Patriot, ys I believe it is. Almost immediately after I saw it I called some experts and they agree. Now why is Malik doing this? Probably for attention or distraction. I did speak to the Lucas Smith team several years ago and they could not pass my vetting process.

      • From the story about about how he got the supposed Kenyan BC, to his refusing to allow a forensic examination or to provide any hard evidence he was actually in Kenya…..Smith lost credibility. Not a bad forgery however, and at least some of the "debunking" of the BC was itself debunked. Perhaps Malik has gotten closer to his billionaire brother and, as you said, did this as a distraction.

      • Thanks, Mike. It always bothered me that Lucas Smith refused to provide any proof he'd actually gone to Kenya.

        Still, this was a bizarre episode and only served to bring some attention to the BC issue once again.

        If you hear anything, give us an update.

        Thanks for all you do!

        • Patriot and Bob. We had attempted to get Lucas Smith. We requested airline ticket receipts or credit card receipts. None where provided. We informed them we could not move forward..

          As for Malik Obama suddenly turning birther, hold on a minute. I have Malik’s phone number and did speak with him last year. I am suspicious of the latest controversy from him. We are working to interview him.

  8. Mike, we need a new thread on this stuff, it looks like Barry got out of Dodge just in time:

    The media is so underplaying this, 47 hard drives, 600 million notations on many well know American citizens, Justice Roberts, Michael Savage, Joe Farah, 156 other federal judges, etc., etc., were spied on for years during both the Bush and Obama administrations.

    This better be YUGE!!

      • Thanks tula……for staying with this and providing all those valuable links. If you ever post at WND, I'm
        "roberted" there. Joe Farah at WND is one or the many people Barry was spying on. Maybe even you and I are on the list……lol

        I want to hear Congress talk about the enormity of this. Trump may be the most important, but the 156 federal judges, including Chief Justice John Roberts are a close second.

  9. Thanks Bob. It is too bad that the Birther Report is no more. I hope BR is ok. Free Republic is covering this too…

    Hammer link with "SoundCloud" – General Thomas McInerney mentioned the "SoundCloud" to Dr. Dave Janda.

    All of this could have been avoided it they (excluding Terry Lakin) were just faithful to their Oaths and the US Constitution, and followed it. Sorry can't do it. It's not personal Barry, it's the Constitution. How easy is that.

    I think Ravi Zacharias gives the best explanation why a man will lose his way – riding the tiger @ 3:50.

  10. Every birther on Earth will grow old and die, not a one of them vindicated, and Obama will still have "gotten away with it."

  11. I believe it's easy to understand how Comey is compromised. The FBI has had the 600 million pages, on 47 hard drives, of spying during the Obama and Bush administrations in their possession for over 2 years and they have done nothing. The FBI and Comey know the information is valid, which is why they have done nothing. They also know Obama is a total and compete fraud. They never investigated anything related to Barry because they knew what they would find.

    Understanding the inaction and deception of the FBI, CIA. NSA, etc., is easy when connected with the desperate efforts of the left to prevent, and now to destroy Trump's presidency. If Obama has to take the stand on this massive spying incident it could quickly unravel Barry's entire charade of legitimacy and expose the complicity of the many protectors of of Obama. As long as these involved in protecting Obama are the ones given the job of investigating the spying all that is going to happen is stalling and more covering up.

    Larry Klayman says he was spied on and they got his bank account information.

  12. Sounds like most of you are trying to ignore the legend of Dennis Montgomery. He scammed the intelligence community in 2003 with fake software. Was charged with passing $1.8 million in bad checks in Vegas. Conned MCSO with these same 47 hard drives and 600 million pages claiming to have information that Arpaio had been wiretapped. Two years and $120K taxpayer dollars later, Montgomery had produced nothing.

    If there is any evidence for mass wiretapping, Montgomery doesn't have it – he's a conman. Klayman knows this, and he's only in it so he can puff out his chest and get his name in the news – that's what he does.

  13. Everyone involved in what is happening with this information being brought to Congress knows Montgomery's background, the con-man charges and everything else. They also know who and how the evidence was vetted, after hearing everything about Montgomery, repeatedly over a very long time and found to be accurate. Sorry, shooting the messenger is not going to work this time. They will have to come up with another excuse.

    Nothing in politics is coincidental and Obama did not just suddenly decide he needed to go to French Polynesia, where he now is, I believe he knew what was about to be released and got out of Dodge while he still could.

    Get the popcorn and hang on………….

  14. Obama extends his stay in French Polynesia to write his book. I wonder if he took Bill Ayes with him? He was there for almost 2 weeks before it was reported he was going to stay to write his book. It wasn't mentioned when he first arrived. Perhaps he was observing the events in DC to decide how long he will stay. It may be a very long book.

    It appears Obama ain't coming back till the coast is clear, which for him should be never. I believe there is no extradition treaty which could be used to encourage him to return.

    • Yeah right. You and I both know that the man hasn’t a care in the world. But this’ll cheer you up. These vacations come out of a pension that your tax dollars are paying. XD

        • Just keep on fantasising, Mike. Tomorrow, ten years from now, fifty years from now… No matter how much time passes, you’ll never be vindicated. Because none of your accusations are based on fact, just speculation and feeling.

          Oh how the mighty birthers have fallen. Going from “We’ll frog march him out of the White House in handcuffs!” to sniveling about his post presidential vacations.

      • Well poboy. Something made you arrive here and comment, thank you. Either you are obsessed with this topic or you are worried about what will happen next. Without you properly identifying yourself here, are we supposed to believe a screen name? You are kidding me?

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