Port Canaveral at risk for nuclear WMD terror attack Cargo container terminal leased to Iraqi brother/business partner of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb mastermind Obama officials helped/ approved !!! #ClintonCash

Hillary Clinton Sold Our Security.


Port Canaveral at risk for nuclear WMD terror attack Cargo container terminal leased to Iraqi brother/business partner of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb mastermind Obama officials helped/approved!!! #ClintonCash
“Today, the most likely way for (a nuclear weapon to go off) would be for the device to be hidden in a container on a ship docked at a U.S. port.” – Stephen Flynn – homeland security expert, Washington Times, July 29, 2014
This is breaking national security information that will be a game-changer in the swing state of Florida and in the national election if citizens become aware of these facts: In 2014, Obama Administration officials, after a Clinton pay-to-play operation, leased the Port Canaveral cargo container terminal to an Iraqi family. The Iraqi family’s company Crescent Group is headed by Iraqi oil businessman Hamid Jafar whose brother and business partner is Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar. Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar was Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind, “most wanted” for capture by U.S. military forces in Iraq. Crescent was under investigation by the U.S. government as a front company for Saddam Hussein. The cargo container company is jointly owned by the Iraqi brother (Hamid Jafar) of Saddam’s nuclear scientist and the Ruler of Sharjah, UAE, according to World Bank documents. Thus the company is partially owned by a foreign government. Treasury Secretary Jacob “Jack” Lew, a longtime Clinton insider, decided to forgo a national security review of the deal that is legally required under CFIUS and FINSA for “critical infrastructure” and if in proximity to national security military installations. The Port Canaveral CEO (John E. Walsh) who rammed through the secret deal is a business partner of senior advisor ( Miguel Lausell) to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign. Lausell contributed $1 million to the Clinton Library and is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. The Port Canaveral CEO (Walsh) is also business partners with a representative of the UAE government and representatives of the UAE royal family. The Iraqi family that owns Crescent is deeply connected to Bill Clinton though his relationship with the son of the owner of Crescent. That son, Majid Jafar, and Bill Clinton co-chair a Dubai-based educational campaign. That campaign is funded by Varkey-GEMS, a Dubai-based educational foundation that paid Bill Clinton $5.6 million to serve as “Honorary Chairman” and helped raise $70 billion in commitments to the Clinton Global Initiative. Port Canaveral is located inside the nexus of America’s space program, with missions launching from adjacent Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center. Port Canaveral is also home to a US Navy nuclear submarine base and is ranked the second-biggest cruise ship port in the world.
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EXCLUSIVE: Obama/Clinton secret operation handed Port Canaveral cargo container terminal to brother/business partner of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb mastermind; sub and space bases in danger

http://theamericanreport.org/2016/09/22/obama-clinton-handed-port-canaveral-to-brother-of-saddam-husseins-nuclear-bomb-mastermind/ PLEASE MAKE COPIES OF THIS FLYER AND SHARE!!!!






For more information click this link: http://theamericanreport.org/2016/09/22/obama-clinton-handed-port-canaveral-to-brother-of-saddam-husseins-nuclear-bomb-mastermind/

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The Post & Email “The Obama Eligibility Question – Part III”


The Post & Email “The Obama Eligibility Question – Part II”

We are posting a series of 3 articles written by Sharon Rondeau of The Post & Email.

Please read all 3 articles that contain a plethora of information.



The Post & Email “The Obama Eligibility Question – Part I


Truck Driver With Some Common Sense !!

You know I have a question about what has taken place in the last couple of days concerning Donald Trump. Now please understand that I don’t condone what he said 11 years ago in what was thought to be a “private setting”. I guess my question to everyone both Male and Female is this…

Can you honestly and I mean HONESTLY sit wherever you are right now and say that you have never had thoughts about the opposite sex or same sex, that you were attracted to and said something out loud to your friends? Ever in your lifetime? I won’t judge any of you who chooses to answer that question, because I am pretty sure that I have. Does that make me a sexist pig, a bigot or just a young man or grown adult who may have made a poor choice of words?

Or you can look at it like this…

“AT THIS POINT WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE”? Remember those words that were uttered from the mouth of your beloved Hillary Clinton? The woman along with the entire Obama Administration lied to the World, the American people but more importantly, they lied to the families of those who were brutally murdered in Benghazi over a video tape, which we later found out was false.

LISTEN, I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump. I never have even long before he said he would run for President. His he a smart businessman? Yes! Has he done everything according to the Laws of the land that are put forth for all businessmen and women? I’m sure he has. Has he lied on his Taxes? That I don’t know yet. But you must also ask yourselves, has Hillary?

You Liberals are so quick to pass judgement on anyone who doesn’t believe what you say or have your viewpoint on anything. But as soon as anyone from the other side whether it be a Libertarian, Republican or even an Independent opens their mouth as am doing right now, we are automatically wrong and called the bad guy!

Yes, what Trump said was pretty crude. But it was 11 years ago when he hadn’t even considered running for President. It still doesn’t make it right, but can you honestly vote for a woman who has repeatedly lied to you and perjured herself countless times and yet for some unknown reason gets away with it each and every time!?! We are talking about the highest office in the Nation and after knowing what she did to Bernie Sanders, the men in Benghazi, the 33,000 erased emails, the 13 cell phones smashed with the hammer, her people all taking the 5th, countless dead bodies days and weeks before they were to testify against her who ALL committed suicide? Really????!!!!

But yet I’m the bad guy along with the others who don’t agree with you! I can forgive Trump for his crude comments. He can and probably should seek some guidance and therapy. That is something that can be cured. But what Hillary Clinton has done, putting her self interests before the American people and the Safety and Well-being of our Country, our families, that in my humble and honest opinion, that is UNFORGIVABLE!!! Especially when you want to be Commander and Chief of the United States of America!

May God help us ALL

Posted By Trucker Dave


Obama-Clinton handed Port Canaveral to Brother of Saddam Husseins Nuclear Bomb Mastermind


Wear Red When You Vote For Trump To Counter Voter Fraud


Wear Red When You Vote For Trump To Fight Election Fraud.


Due to the promise of unprecedented election fraud in the 2016 general election and the short time frame in which to counter those measures, concerned patriots have launched OPERATION RED 2016.

The mission is simple. It’s something that every red-blooded American can and MUST do. Here’s all there is to it:

  1. If you are voting TRUMP/PENCE in the 2016 Presidential election, wear an ALL RED (Republican Revolution RED) shirt, jacket, or dress to the polls on November 8.
  2. Use your cell phone to take pictures or video of the sea of RED in your voting district — inside and outside the polling place.
  3. Share those images on ALL social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, and with all your email friends.
  4. Help make OPERATION RED 2016 go viral! – Post operationred2016.com EVERYWHERE!

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT wear red clothing or accessories bearing any campaign graphics, or you could be denied access to the polling area.


  1. The sea of red will assure that no media outlet can deny the visible support for the Trump/Pence ticket.
  2. We will have PROOF via your photos and videos that Hillary Clinton could NOT have won these ALL RED districts!
  3. Media outlets, poll workers, watchers, campaign staffers and voters on the ground will have no choice but to acknowledge the VISIBLE truth in a sea of RED!

NOTE: We do not know who originated this utterly simple but immensely powerful idea. Whoever you are, your fellow patriots thank you!

Mike Volin
WOBC Radio

Carl Gallups New Book. Must Read.

Carl Gallups’ newest book – WHEN THE LION ROARS
What if we were living in the most prophetic times since the first coming of Jesus Christ? What if you were shown the shocking and undeniable proof?
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Freedom Friday with Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo Birther Update 09/15/16




Mike Zullo states Donald Trump does not have all the information related to Obama.






Mike Zullo responds to Donald Trumps comments about Obama being born in the United States



Not so fast 

They will be talking about Trump’s media statement, Hillary’s false claims, the MSM false claims.

Zullo will discuss the ongoing investigation, the George Soros connection to the Arpaio Federal Case and more!

It all begins at 5 PM ET today, Friday September 16, 2016.  See you there!
1330 WEBY – Gulf Coast Talk Radio

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