Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo turns over new evidence about Obama’s Forged Birth certificate.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Lead investigator Lt. Mike Zullo turns over new evidence about Obama’s Forged Birth certificate.
Interview with Carl Gallups.

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Sheriff Joe: I Want To Know About Obama’s Forged Documents; Slams Congress/Media


Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I Want To Know About Obama’s Fraudulent Documents; Slams Congress/Media  - VIDEO HERE. Hat tip SA.


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Obama Says He Was Born In Kenya

Andrew Breitbart was never a “Birther,” and Breitbart News is a site that has never advocated the narrative of “Birtherism.” In fact, Andrew believed, as we do, that President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961.

Yet Andrew also believed that the complicit mainstream media had refused to examine President Obama’s ideological past, or the carefully crafted persona he and his advisers had constructed for him.

It is for that reason that we launched “The Vetting,” an ongoing series in which we explore the ideological background of President Obama (and other presidential candidates)–not to re-litigate 2008, but because ideas and actions have consequences.

It is also in that spirit that we discovered, and now present, the booklet described below–one that includes a marketing pitch for a forthcoming book by a then-young, otherwise unknown former president of the Harvard Law Review.

It is evidence–not of the President’s foreign origin, but that Barack Obama’s public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.


Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel.

It also promotes Obama’s anticipated first book, Journeys in Black and White–which Obama abandoned, later publishing Dreams from My Father instead.

Obama’s biography in the booklet is as follows (image and text below):

Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.
The booklet, which is thirty-six pages long, is printed in blue ink (and, on the cover, silver/grey ink), using offset lithography. It purports to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Acton & Dystel, which was founded in 1976.

Front cover (outside) – note Barack Obama listed in alphabetical order

Front cover (inside)

Jay Acton no longer represents Obama. However, Jane Dystel still lists Obama as a client on her agency’s website.

According to the booklet itself, the text was edited by Miriam Goderich, who has since become Dystel’s partner at Dystel & Goderich, an agency founded in 1994. Breitbart News attempted to reach Goderich by telephone several times over several days. Her calls are screened by an automated service that requires callers to state their name and company, which we did. She never answered.

The design of the booklet was undertaken by Richard Bellsey, who has since closed his business. Bellsey, reached by telephone, could not recall the exact details of the booklet, but told Breitbart News that it “sounds like one of our jobs, like I did for [Acton & Dystel] twenty years ago or more.”

The parade of authors alongside Obama in the booklet includes politicians, such as former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill; sports legends, such as Joe Montana and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; and numerous Hollywood celebrities.

The reverse side of the page that features Barack Obama includes former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader and early-1990s “boy band” pop sensation New Kids On the Block.

Acton, who spoke to Breitbart News by telephone, confirmed precise details of the booklet and said that it cost the agency tens of thousands of dollars to produce.

He indicated that while “almost nobody” wrote his or her own biography, the non-athletes in the booklet, whom “the agents deal[t] with on a daily basis,” were “probably” approached to approve the text as presented.

Dystel did not respond to numerous requests for comment, via email and telephone. Her assistant told Breitbart News that Dystel “does not answer questions about Obama.”

The errant Obama biography in the Acton & Dystel booklet does not contradict the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate. Moreover, several contemporaneous accounts of Obama’s background describe Obama as having been born in Hawaii.

The biography does, however, fit a pattern in which Obama–or the people representing and supporting him–manipulate his public persona.

David Maraniss’s forthcoming biography of Obama has reportedly confirmed, for example, that a girlfriend Obama described in Dreams from My Father was, in fact, an amalgam of several separate individuals.

In addition, Obama and his handlers have a history of redefining his identity when expedient. In March 2008, for example, he famously declared: “I can no more disown [Jeremiah Wright] than I can disown the black community. I can no more disown him than I can my white grandmother.”

Several weeks later, Obama left Wright’s church–and, according to Edward Klein’s new biography, The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, allegedly attempted to persuade Wright not to “do any more public speaking until after the November [2008] election” (51).

Obama has been known frequently to fictionalize aspects of his own life. During his 2008 campaign, for instance, Obama claimed that his dying mother had fought with insurance companies over coverage for her cancer treatments.

That turned out to be untrue, but Obama has repeated the story–which even the Washington Post called “misleading”–in a campaign video for the 2012 election.

The Acton & Dystel biography could also reflect how Obama was seen by his associates, or transitions in his own identity. He is said, for instance, to have cultivated an “international” identity until well into his adulthood, according to Maraniss.

Regardless of the reason for Obama’s odd biography, the Acton & Dystel booklet raises new questions as part of ongoing efforts to understand Barack Obama–who, despite four years in office remains a mystery to many Americans, thanks to the mainstream media.

Larry O’Connor contributed to this report.

Read the full article here:

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Proof Obama is an Indonesian Citizen


Audio: Breitbart Reporter in Indonesia Has Documented Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen

Wayne Allyn Root: Breitbart Reporter in Indonesia Has Documented Proof Obama is Indonesian Citizen – VIDEO HERE.

“The SMOKING GUN will be Obama’s Occidental College application and financial aide records at that college. Looking at the same records at Columbia would be good too but demand the Occidental College application and financial aide records first.”  
- CDR Charles Kerchner




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UPDATE: Full Press Conference Sheriff Joe Arpaio Barack Obama Birth Certificate July 17, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012 FULL VIDEO: Arpaio: Obama Birth Record Definitely Fraudulent: National Security Threat ObamaRelease YourRecords on 8:40 PM |

 UPDATE: Full Press Conference Sheriff Joe Arpaio Barack Obama Birth Certificate July 17, 2012

FOX 10 News - Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV

Arpaio: Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent'
Yahoo News via Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) — Investigators for an Arizona sheriff's volunteer posse have declared that President Barack Obama's birth certificate is definitely fraudulent. Members of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's posse said in March that there was probable cause that Obama's long-form birth certificate released by the White House in April 2011 was a computer-generated forgery. Now, Arpaio says investigators are positive it's fraudulent. CONTINUED HERE:


 Arpaio’s Obama probe finds ‘national security threat’ Hawaii found to be bogus birth-certificate factory


PHOENIX – After determining earlier this year there is probable cause to suspect the document released by the White House as Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said today he believes his Cold Case Posse’s investigation should be advanced to the federal government, based on further information released today at a press conference under way now in Phoenix that is being live-streamed by WND.


Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo said the new information confirms the document presented to the American public in April 2011 is undoubtedly fraudulent.


 Watch the live stream of Sheriff Arpaio’s press conference now. When you sign up for access, you’ll receive a copy of the official press release distributed at the conference.

 The Obama campaign declined to comment on Arpaio’s allegations.


Media ignore Sheriff Joe’s evidence, shoot messenger

 ’Information we are bringing forth is becoming very difficult for them to refute’

 Art Moore @ WND

 The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s probe of Barack Obama’s eligibility for Arizona’s November presidential ballot is convinced he has “indisputable proof” the document present by the White House as Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

 But after presenting his evidence at a press conference in Phoenix Tuesday, the gathered media wanted to talk about him, not the evidence.

 “Obviously, the information we are bringing forth is becoming very difficult for them to refute,” Mike Zullo told WND in an interview after the event.

 Missed the news conference? Watch an exclusive video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s latest on the Obama eligibility probe CONTINUED HERE:

 Watch evidence of Obama document fraud

Videos explain why investigators reached their conclusion


The investigators of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse assembled a series of videos to document their evidence that spokesman Mike Zullo says confirms the Barack Obama birth document released by the White House in 2011 is a fraud.

The sheriff and Zullo held a news conference yesterday where Arpaio said the investigation should be advanced to the federal level because of what he described as an imminent threat to national security and U.S. immigration law.

 The threat is from a flaw in Hawaii’s law found by investigators that allows a foreigner to obtain a Hawaii birth certificate.

 He said he could not hold on to information that threatens to weaken national security, although he was unsure to whom the information should go, since the logical choices all report to Obama.


PRESS RELEASE: Maricopa County Sheriff Department Obama Birth Certificate Investigation PART II:



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WE WON’T KNOW…, If Obama Won’t Show.


Bill O’Reilly                                                                       
Fox News (The Factor)
New York,N.Y.
Dear Bill,



by R. Quinn

“No person except a natural-born citizen, or a
citizen of the United States at the time of the
adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible
to the Office of President…!

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1

For years my family enjoyed your highly-rated TV show but, after the recent Presidential Election, you became silent on the many legal challenges to Barack Obama’s claim of being a “natural-born” citizen, the only status accepted under our Constitution for one seeking the Presidency. I did not vote for him, because he opposes many Catholic moral beliefs, but when he was elected I resigned myself to the outcome until hearing that he may have violated The Constitution in seeking the Presidency; hence this letter and others were born. The entire contents of all my writings pertain solely to the question of eligibility and its repercussions, and are never racially motivated nor tied to his post-election performance. Remember, too, Alan Keyes is also challenging Obama’s citizenship in court.

Only recently have you begun to comment on this issue but in an “unfair and unbalanced” manner. Your sarcastic and dismissive responses directed to some guests and also in response to challenging e-mails brought you no credit. Many called, e-mailed or sent me copies of angry letters they had sent to you on this issue. When you recently said “The only ones who care about Obama’s “vault” birth certificate are Obama haters” you insulted millions of concerned, patriotic American citizens, including servicemen and women….and my family. Compare those words with your “we’ll tell you the truth, even when it’s unpopular.” The following contrasting stories will hopefully cause you to reflect more seriously on this issue:

On a recent program you opened with a story on Walter Kronkite’s death, then completely ignored another “breaking news” story which was now on the Internet; the story of a decorated Army Major, Stefan Cook, who refused re-assignment to Afghanistan until Obama produced valid documentation confirming his “Natural-Born” status, including a vault “Certificate of Live Birth”, since an Officer cannot obey a possible ineligible Commander. Note that, when originally challenged, Obama, with no hesitation, posted on a website a Certification of Live Birth (hereafter “COLB’) which, whether valid or fraudulent (as charged by many experts) cannot substitute for a “Certificate of Live Birth as proof of Presidential eligibility. This issue has reached The Supreme Court yet your second “breaking news” story that night ignored Major Cook and reported on bikini-clad women working at a car-wash while collecting money for children. A “revealing” story, I admit, but one which paled in comparison to that of a Military officer risking everything in defense of Country and Constitution, whose story Fox “clothed” in secrecy, even to this day.Bill, I have studied this issue for one year and spoken to lawyers, plaintiffs and others involved. Having copied you on each letter I’ve written(with no O’Reilly response), I’m enclosing a copy of my June 20th related composite letter to The Supreme Court. You told your viewers The Factor had thoroughly investigated the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate. That was a false statement.The Hawaiian Health Dept. has repeatedly stated no one ever requested nor received permission to view Obama’s “vault” copy. Fox, therefore, never saw it & could only have reported on what he had posted on his or Daily Kos’s site, and as to your claim that Fox “could obtain the original “vault” certificate within 24 hours” may I ask why you haven’t ? I’ll tell you why, because he has paid his lawyers over l 1/3 million dollars to prevent anyone (including Fox) from viewing it. So far he’s been successful but the race is not always to the swiftest. By the way, the birth certificate paraded as proof positive by his defenders is simply a creation or copy of a COLB which, at best,might allow him to claim “naturalized” status but not “natural-born”! As to the Newspaper birth announcements you cited, anyone can simply go to a Newspaper office and take out a “birth announcement” ad, which could assist a future “naturalization” process.

Obama is caught on the horns of a dilemma

Consider: Obama called his COLB posting a “true copy” of the “vault” certificate. If so,that makes the “vault” copy a COLB, thereby disqualifying him for the Presidency. If, however, the “vault” copy is truly a “Certificate of Live Birth” who would submit in its place an ineligible COLB as proof of eligibility?. The answer-someone who hoped that the COLB would not be challenged, or, if it was, that the Hawaiian Dept. of Health could be restrained from releasing their copy since it obviously would contain information refuting his claim of “natural-born” status. Bill, please do not insult us by opining that Obama paid 1 1/3 million (and counting) as a joke or to confuse “doubters” or “birthers”, who I call “Defenders of our Constitution”, for if you do I’d have to believe that you’ve become a Kool-Aid imbiber.

Consider: If the “vault” copy is a COLB, but doesn’t agree with the one Obama posted on his website two things become apparent. First, he deceived with a fraudulent document and , second, any “vault” COLB would automatically disqualify him anyway. Any wonder why he’s fighting like hell to prevent anyone from viewing the “vault” copy? If Fox viewed his COLB postings on Daily Kos or other sites they would have noticed two things: His birth Cert. number “blacked” out, though the form reads ANY ALTERATION INVALIDATES THIS CERTIFICATE and the Birth Hospital name, Doctor, witnesses, Gov’t signature and seal (anything which might have confirmed eligibility) are all missing. Sloppy application preparation or intentional? Incidentally, he later submitted two more altered COLB’S.l When Obama’s use of a COLB instead of a “Certificate of Live Birth” was exposed he dropped all pretense of transparency & substituted secrecy-complete secrecy! From that time no one has had access to any hospital or school records, passport,library card?,etc. Also, family members claimed two different hospitals as his “birth” hospital yet neither one will confirm that! Only recently, he reduced the number to one by sending it a letter of praise for years of service & including a statement referring to it as his “birth” hospital. How nice-now they too know.

Reflection On Obama’s Transparency

There are three million members in the U.S.Armed Forces: all obligated to provide valid documentation of birth did so, except one who, to this day, refuses to comply-The Commander -in Chief of the Armed Forces….Barack Obama! Think of it-the only one hiding his birth certificate is the Commander -in Chief! As I wrote above, Major Cook risked his career and freedom for Country and Constitution. Is Obama so terrified of disclosure that he would allow the Major and any other military personnel to suffer court-martial and possible imprisonment? What is he revealing to the Military and the Nation by his conduct? Irony-here is irony. Two men vow to uphold The Constitution. One, the Commander-in-Chief (CINC) violates his vow by concealing or falsifying evidence as to his eligibility yet secures a coveted job. The other, an Army Major, upholds his vow by challenging the “suspect” status of the CINC and for this loses his job. Who dares say that Truth was served? This travesty continues. A Judge just threw out Major Cook’s lawsuit against Obama as “frivolous”. “Frivolous”? Is Article 2 of The Constitution “frivolous”? Has The Constitution itself become “frivolous”? Maybe even The Supreme Court? Missing from that courtroom was Major Cook’s most significant witness, his Commander-in Chief but he did send his lawyers. Unfortunately, they forgot to bring his “vault” birth certificate, indeed, any birth certificate with them. As the song goes “What are friends for”? I guess it depends on whose friend they are. Obama’s supporters mock anyone questioning his eligibility but not one has shown the intestinal fortitude to recommend that he release his Hawaiian “vault” certificate to the American people. What do they fear? I believe we know.

For many months The Supreme Court has received many detailed legal documents which, in essence all said: “Have Obama produce his”vault” certificate. A simple request for a possible solution, yet, as of today, our Country, divided, still waits. More and more people are demanding that he prove himself or remove himself. If, in fact, he has fraudulently obtained the Presidency the American people want it returned!


Bill, I hope that you will now see this issue in a new light. The bulb at Fox has been dim too long. Tonight, sad to say, I heard you say “the birthers-they’re so stupid.” If there is one thing obvious about anyone defending Obama on this issue it is how they avoid directly answering a question. Instead, they ridicule the intelligence of the questioner. I’m sure that I’ll receive some responses like “you don’t know what you’re talking about” but they always forget to explain what it is that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Go figure. Incidentally, on my e-mail list I have Military Officers, Non-Com’s, lawyers, doctors, clergy, regular folks and, yes, even a Rhodes Scholar; not exactly what I would call a “stupid” group-would you?

We are nearing the day when a Government file clerk may ask “Where is President Obama’s personnel file” and be told “It’s the only empty file in the cabinet and is marked “CLASSIFIED”. Stand firm, America, for truth and honesty. Few fall gracefully.

Respectively yours,

R. Quinn-new york
cc: Entire Supreme Court, Attorneys and Plaintiffs, my e-mail list
All are free to pass this letter on to anyone and everyone, if they so wish



Obama is the Commander In Chief. Before all else, he
should be held accountable for what he requires of all
our service members. To Wit: Proof of Citizenship…!!!

Posted By: Robert Quinn

Staff Writer

Obama Assumption Or Presumption

Mr.Glenn Beck
Fox Network
New York,New York

Dear Glenn,
On Jan.4, I viewed your five pm show on Fox and was impressed by your impassioned manner and command of facts on the issues. For that, I admire you. Please keep up the good work. Sadly, however, on your radio show that same day you castigated those questioning whether Barack Obama was a Constitutionally elected President. I would like to respond to your assumptions of that day and pray that my words will help change your outlook on this issue and induce you to so notify your radio and tv audiences.


Assumption: You said:” …there is a concerted effort on all radio stations to get birthers on the air”
Response: For a long time stations refused to allow Constitution defenders, including “birthers” (and “Beck-ers” I might add) to air their grievances and questions. You now enjoy that privilege….why can’t others?

Assumption: You claimed “birthers” and, by extension, all Constitutional defenders”may believe Obama brainwashed Hillary Clinton into not exposing his fraud”.
Response: Obama simply had his Hawaiian birth certificate copy locked away from view, thus making it inaccessable to all, including Mrs. Clinton.

Assumption: “Birthers” (there’s that word again) ‘believe Obama’s KGB Control may have put his birth announcement in 1961 Hawaiian newspapers with a roadmap of getting an African man into office.”
Response: Let’s be serious, Glenn. Hawaiian birth announcements, whether of “naturalized” or “natural-born” status, were automatically sent to newspapers by the Hawaiian Dept.of Health. A “Certification of Live Birth” (COLB), which Obama displayed on a website to justify his Presidential eligibility, if legitimate, confers “naturalized” citizenship status. It does, however, have one serious limitation. Only a “Certificate of Live Birth” may qualify one for “natural-born” status, the only status permitted for one seeking the Presidency of the United States. (U.S.Constitution-Article 2, Section 1) Therefore, unless the Hawaiian vault copy is a “Certificate of Live Birth”, Obama, a Constitutional scholar, was ineligible to seek the Presidency….and knew it!
With his continued refusal (to the tune of 2-4 Million Dollars in personal legal fees) to permit disclosure of the Vault Birth Certificate copy to anyone, including Military members who risked their careers for this disclosure, what does that tell us?

Assumption: You defended Obama’s refusal to produce the Hawaiian vault birth certificate with “why do that when these people (birthers) are so discrediting themselves?”
Response: That was a non-answer Glenn, since producing it might have avoided about 75-100 lawsuits which, not incidentally, the Major Media has quietly kept hidden from the Public. Was this the “Freedom of the Press” which our Country’s founders fought for?

Assumption: You referred to the actions of those questioning Obama’s eligibility as “Dumb”.
Response: We are speaking about Presidential eligibility, an issue which our beleagured Founders felt important enough to become the second article in our Constitution-not a footnote or suggestion. How dumb is it to insist that Obama resolve this issue by authorizing release of the vault certificate, as well as other relevant documents(1981 Passport to Pakistan, College records, etc). The actions which you decry are simply demands for ‘TRANSPARENCY”-a term Obama often uses….yet more often abuses. Are people like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs,etc. and all the Plaintiffs in the legal challenges (including one hundred servicemen and women, ranging from NCO’s to Generals who receive my e-mails) considered dumb for seeking the truth?. You yourself repeatedly exhort your audiences to QUESTION!,QUESTION!,QUESTION!

Assumption: “Why don’t we go after the things provable, go after the things that actually you need to stop right now?”
Response: Stopping things which can be proven unconstitutional is praiseworthy and I applaud you for your efforts. Stopping persons, however, who may be proven unconstitutionaly elected, could stop and possibly reverse those same actions which you, I and millions of others rightfully abhor.


Though simply a layman, I have spent one and one-half years studying articles, e-mails,etc. on this issue and would like to emphasize some points which I believe must be addressed by Obama to confirm or deny his eligibility:
1.Obama has never, I repeat, never been “vetted”. Remember, the birth certificate which he put on a website was not a Certificate of Live Birth and was obviously a deliberate deception on his part since he knew it would not justify his eligibility.
2.The passport used by him to enter war-ridden Pakistan in 1981 was not a U.S.passport since U.S. passports were not issued in 1981 to regular American citizens. Also, his school and medical records,etc.were all blocked from public access by him.
3. Who would spend $2-4 million dollars in legal fees rather than simply produce a legitimate Certificate of Live Birth when seeking the office of President, unless the Certificate would confirm his ineligibility?
4,Three million members in the Armed Forces yet only one, I repeat, one, has refused to let anyone see his birth certificate….The Commander-in-Chief….Barack Obama! THIS STATEMENT, ALONE, SCREAMS FOR JUSTIFICATION. Going further, every Serviceman or woman who challenged Obama’s eligibility in court was abandoned by their supposed leader. His attorneys have blocked every attempt to force disclosure of any records, birth or otherwise!. How’s that for transparency and, more importantly, for concern of our Military?
5. Bill O’Reilly of Fox claimed on TV that Fox could have very easily obtained a copy of Obama’s valid birth certificate from Hawaii. This was a serious falsehood since no one has ever been given permission to view it-and many have requested it. I presume that Mr.O’Reilly was either misinformed or uninformed by Fox. So much for “fair and balanced” reporting on this issue. Incidentally, why didn’t he request a copy?

Glenn, you have just read the words of one of the millions you obviously consider “dumb” about this issue. I trust that you will now view us in a better light. There is an old saying: “Where there is smoke there’s fire.” Has Obama started a conflagration in an attempt to smother the truth by any possible means? He may deny it but his actions are speaking louder than his words. To quote Bill O’Reilly “What say you?”

With Kindest Regards
A faithful Viewer

Posted By: Robert Quinn
Staff Writer

Obama’s Transparency-Deception Beyond Belief

To:An open letter to America:

Obama’s Transparency-Deception Beyond Belief

“The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide.” Those words of Barack Obama, spoken in Aug.2010 on Long Island,N.Y , were self-incriminating for he uses deception ranging from silence to sarcasm to suppression to bar anyone from viewing any document which may refute his claim of Presidential eligibility. Below are examples:

Deception: In 2008, he let a fraudulent, ineligible Hawaiian short-form “Certification of Live Birth, of approx 13 bits of information, be posted on the “Daily Kos” website as proof of his Presidential eligibility while aware, as a Constitutional teacher, that only a long-form Certificate of Live Birth, of approx.41 bits of information, was valid for one seeking the Presidency. Notably missing from his COLB were the names of the Birth Hospital, attending Physician and Birth witnesses….information required in determining Presidential eligibility. His birth certificate number was “blacked” out, ignoring the COLB warning: ANY ALTERATION INVALIDATES THIS CERTIFICATE. Obama deliberately lied, claiming his COLB was a true copy of an eligible birth certificate in the Hawaiian Health Dept.files, for if they did match it meant both were COLB’S and,therefore,both ineligible for a Presidential aspirant. He continued this deception until April,2011, seducing a Nation he had sworn to serve. We are speaking of criminal fraud!

Deception: In 2009, he publically displayed a letter he sent to Kapi”olani Med.Center in Hawaii,stating he was born there. The Hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, Martha Stewart only confirmed to Hawaiian State Senator Sam Slom that a copy of Obama’s letter hangs “in the Administrative Section, away from public view” and the original is stored for “safe-keeping and preservation” but she would not allow him to view it. The Hospital has no public memorial to Obama’s birth. The “first”(?) African-American President of the United States names a birth hospital yet can’t get that hospital to confirm. Also, some family members claimed he was born in Hawaii’s Queens Medical Center. In reality, a damning fact stands out. Not one Hawaiian hospital claims to be Obama’s birth hospital. I repeat-not one. So much for the “vetting” of Obama.

Deception: Since 2010, States prepared legislation against future elections, including a requirement that only a “Certificate of Live Birth” is acceptable for Presidential aspirants, incumbent or otherwise. Obama, after three years of deception, realized his fraudulent 2008 COLB would not survive close scrutiny by a now wary Nation, leaving him but one avenue of deception remaining; create another fraudulent document, a long-form “Certificate of Live Birth” and deceive the States by having the Hawaiian Health Dept. claim they recently found it. In April,2011, he announced that the Health Dept had indeed “found” it; a document previously unmentioned, unseen, unknown, and unused and had sent it to him, which he then put on a Gov’t website and proclaimed to the Country as proof of his eligibility, yet, he would not allow experts to examine and confirm its authenticity! Why? Remember, in 2009 he claimed his COLB on the Daily Kos site matched the Health Dept. copy, never mentioning nor offering a valid long-form Certificate of Live Birth which, if existing, would have saved him and America millions from lawsuits and possibly confirmed any eligibility. Further, Dr.C.Fukino,former Director of the Hawaiian Health Dept., said she saw his original birth certificate, half-typed and half-written,yet, Obama’s 2011 “miraculous” find was completely typed. Also, Hawaiian Gov.Neil Abercrombie stated he would go to his Health Dept., secure a vault copy of the birth certificate and put this issue to rest.He later admitted, to his credit, nothing was found except an obscure file with notations of birth names, including a Barack Obama. No Certificate of Life Birth; not even a Certification of Live Birth(COLB) , the document which Obama claimed was used to create his 2008 copy! Nothing! How could the Health Dept. copy of his COLB disappear and, years later, a previously unknown long-form “Certificate of Live Birth” suddenly take its place in 2011? How? By deliberate deception! Since his 2011 “find” was also branded a fraud by experts there is but one conclusion if the newly found copy matched Obama’s. It’s a copy of a fraud and two frauds do not make a right! Obama had again deceived our Nation.

Incidentally,I am not writing about all the other issues such as his withholding or falsifying his social security records, Soetoro to Obama name change, school and Selective Service records or the visa he used to enter wartime 1981 Pakistan since others are pursuing those paths. Ironically, every document which could shed light on this issue Obama has kept in darkness.

Deception: Recently, a Georgia Judge subpoenad Obama to appear in Court with proof of his eligibility if he wished to appear on the 2012 Georgia ballot. Obama ignored the subpoena and his attorney brazenly notified the Judge, in writing, that neither Obama nor his counsel would appear in Court to answer it. A King had spoken! Sadly, the Judge ignored the plaintiff’s presentation and simply dismissed the lawsuit without seeing any proof of Obama’s eligibility! Obama repeatedly boasts of being familiar with the meaning of “transparency”. Familiar? He doesn’t even exhibit a “nodding acquaintance” with the term.

Deception: Dr.Terrence Lakin, former U.S.Army Lt.Colonel, Army surgeon and Bronze Star recipient refused a second deployment to Afghanistan until Obama produced a valid Certificate of Live Birth(not a COLB), to satisfy millions now challenging his claim of eligibility. Col.Lakin’s letter requesting proof was ignored as was a follow-up one; ignored by the only Commander-in-Chief in the history of our Nation who,in defiance of approx. 100 lawsuits, has refused, to this day, to produce a valid birth certificate. A simple solution to a National issue unless, in Obama’s words,”he had something to hide.” He ignored a decorated Officer with eighteen years of honorable service who had taken a required officer’s oath to defend our Constitution and, in so doing, suffered a court-martial, dishonorable discharge, loss of pay and benefits and imprisonment. A faithful American’s career destroyed by Obama to keep his own intact.His deception knows no bounds and he shamelessly accepts salutes from a Military he demeans so readily. Sadly, also, was the conduct of the Army court-martial judge in refusing any Obama records to be entered into Col.Lakin’s defense, “lest they prove embarrassing to the President.”(her words) Fear of Obama’s possible guilt outweighed concern for Col.Lakin’s possible innocence. In spite of the verdict that day the Military Court,not Col.Lakin, was guilty of dereliction of duty. I again ask all to contact their elected representatives on behalf of the Colonel and demand this miscarriage of justice be overturned!

John Jay convinced George Washington to include in the Constitution (Article II) a provision limiting the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to natural-born American citizens so no one with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance (British, for example) could adversely affect the governance of our Country, a requirement casually ignored by many in today’s political arena. By deliberately withholding access to virtually every document bearing his name plus criminally offering a false COLB and a more
recent false “Certificate of Live Birth”, Obama has shrouded his eligibility in secrecy. What John Jay feared has come to pass! Recently, on National TV, America accidentally overheard Obama telling his subordinates to”find a way around The Constitution”; this from a man who, when inaugurated, swore under oath to defend it. Deception, with a capital “D”.

Deception: Obama travels over the Country, speaking to minority students who desperately seek financial aid for higher education and a better life(deservedly) yet he ignored a long-standing offer of Globe Magazine of $100,000 to assist those students if he produced a valid “Certificate of Live Birth”. Again, a simple request met by silence, an Obama trademark. His mantra seems to be: “if responding threatens my legitimacy I won’t respond.” He also recently started touting a website for black Americans to use to assist his Presidential campaign. The subtle implication (“vote color, not conscience”} he doesn’t make to Jews,Italians,Irish,etc., who also were victims of persecution and prejudice. I wonder why?

Deception: Obama recently called on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, saying candidates need to be “as transparent as possible”. I’ll let you readers kick that one around.

Deception: Obama’s deception did not spare his friends. General Colin Powell (ret.) trusted Obama’s claim that his 2011 long-form Certificate of Live Birth was legitimate, even to ignoring an offer of the “Birthers Summit” Organization of $15,000 to allow them three hours to refute Obama’s claim and hear the General’s response. A blind friendship Obama took advantage of.


World War II Media news blackouts sought to keep our military activity secret from the Axis and help sustain America’s resolve, whereas, today’s Media news blackout of the “eligibility” issue seeks only to keep Obama’s eligibility status secret from the American people, allowing our resolve to be subverted by a person of illegitimate authority, hence, no authority. Article I of our Constitution gave the Press the right to reveal, not conceal news of interest to the American People. Though Obama destroyed Col.Lakin’s career this was hidden from America by Fox,MSNBC, etc., as was Obama’s and his lawyer’s ignoring of the Georgia subpoena….and getting away with it!

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly claimed he saw a valid Obama birth certificate, but had to retract his claim for what Fox viewed was the fraudulent COLB. He also said that the two newspapers clippings reporting Obama’s “supposed” birth in Hawaii proved his eligibility. Three years later, even after being made aware that in 1961 anyone could have prepared an Hawaiian birth certificate form and had it reported in the Newspapers, O’Reilly is still parroting his false claim and has the nerve each night to tell America “we’re looking out for you.” With such a friend we do not lack enemies!


After four years of reading and writing about this issue, I have found that a recurring defensive mode pervades the Major Media personalities. Not one offers a legitimate argument in defense of Obama. Alll avoid responding directly to challenger’s questions, utilizing silence,sarcasm or suppression. How well the pupils have learned from their Master!

As more and more examples surfaced which clearly showed Obama would go to any lengths or expense to prevent America from determining his eligibility, his concealment, not his color, spurred my efforts onward. Many Blacks accept my writings, as I accept their’s. I was even prepared to support Herman Cain until personal problems forced his exit from the Presidential Race. All my letters stress the truth about the eligibility issue, so when politicians of any Party casually dismiss this issue with remarks like “this is not a major issue with me” are they aware of what they are saying? The person acting as President of the World’s most powerful Nation has the power to lead America toward prosperity or ruin, yet, they claim Obama’s right to occupy that Office is not”a major issue with them.” Also, to those who claim his eligibility has been authenticated by proof Obama provided, may I remind them that proof consisting of fraudulent and/or ineligible documents is merely proof of fraud and/or ineligibility! Those who defend his legitimacy are either uninformed, avoiding it for political or personal reasons or simply ignoring the truth. Some may say it’s too late to consider unseating Obama until the next election. Why? Are “grace” periods awarded to one who has criminally acquired the Office of President? If so, Obama has already used up almost four years of his. Should America tolerate a continuation of his deception? Over one hundred lawsuits were filed against his legitimacy, yet, Obama’s refusal to allow anyone to see and verify his “purported” valid birth certificate (including the Courts) is never questioned or reported by the Media, calling to mind a Biblical observation: “Blind guides, who strain out the gnat but swallow the camel.”(St.Matthew 23:26)…..and they would have us eat the same meal. Wake up, America. Do you not see the forest for the trees? FOR WANT OF A VALID BIRTH CERTIFICATE A NATION MAY BE LOST!

Posted By: Robert Quinn Staff Writer

Florida Obama Ballot Access Hearing

Monday, June 18, 2012
Video: Florida Obama Ballot Access Hearing Live-Stream Video Archive Now Posted Here
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Florida Obama Ballot Access Hearing Live-Stream Video Archive Now Posted Here
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Video streaming by Ustream

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