WOBC Contributor And Well Known You Tube Blogger Gabor Zolna Returns




WOBC reporter and Investgative You Tube blogger Gabor Zolna will be the guest. As our Government appears to be in total disarray, Gabor will file his report. Mr. Zolna is relentless and should be considered the Drudge Report of You Tube. He follows everyday the events of our Government and what appears to be an attempt to deceive the American people. Gabor will report on President Trump, Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain.

I became politically involved in 07, when the,”Chosen One,”surfaced and eventually
Barack Hussein Obama stole the Oval office.  Western Journalism posted eighteen to
twenty articles that I wrote, and submitted to them, they also posted hundred’s of
my YouTube video’s.  On YouTube under Gabe Zolna, I have 464 video’s posted that
have been viewed 0ver 178,000 times, under Gabor Zolna, on YouTube, I have posted
over 8,200 video’s, I have 3,511 subscriber’s, and have been viewed 1,865,972 times.
Google has been viewed close to 2,000,000 times as has my Facebook account.

Mike Volin will give a special update on his recent progress (oh yes there has been a lot)

Tune in, call in, join the chat room.

Date: Wednesday March 29, 2017

Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm eastern

Call in number: 347-989-8853 (press 1 to get on the air)

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20 thoughts on “WOBC Contributor And Well Known You Tube Blogger Gabor Zolna Returns

  1. Podcast

    New book by Dr. David Garrow,
    Law prof u. Pittsburgh law school

    "Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama"
    To be published: May 9, 2017
    9 years of investigating 1400 pages.

    Will he reveal obama's true identity?

    Mike, you must have STEPHEN PIDGEON, ESQ interview him! ( he sounds like a "slow walker" maybe that is why it took him so long to write the book.)
    I doubt he knows anything about his phony social security numbers or his fake selective service card.

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