Special Report With Gabor Zolna

Managing editor of this blog and trusted contributor to WOBC radio Gabe Zolna has discovered some startling info we all must read. After viewing this video it will become clear we have been lied to over the past decades about our Nation’s leadership. What we have witnessed over the last two decades has been a fabrication and scripted Government. Think the Bush Presidents have been on the American peoples side? Think again.


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5 thoughts on “Special Report With Gabor Zolna

  1. Gabe, you've planted an unimaginable amount of seeds that have went around the world. I know some of the parables of the Bible. There's a particular parable that stands out which fits with your unprecedented endeavors, mainly the 18,000 videos you researched, produced, and posted on YouTube and other social media outlets. It's the parable of the sower who sows seed; some seed falls on rocky ground and among thorns, and it is lost, but when it falls on good earth it grows, yielding thirty,sixty,and a hundredfold.Your videos are the seed. There are multi thousands of viewers who reaped good benefits of knowledge from the seeds you sowed that fell to good soil. I'm one of those viewers. Thank you so very much for not giving up. So tell me, who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more, Barack Obama, 2009, or Gabor Zolna? So tell me, who deserves the Liberty Medal more, John McCain, 2017, or Gabor Zolna?

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