Sean Hannity Compares Russia Investigation to ‘Birther Conspiracy’





Why is Sean Hannity briging this up? Could be he wants to bring out the birther issue and play dumb? Hummm.

Posted by : Mike Volin

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  1. Mike:

    I have traded a few emails with Hannity (once) and his staff (Lynda, James) over the years re: the birth certificate issue. Back in my Birther Report days (maybe 2012 or so), I posted the text of one.

    Hannity is not a "birther" but he could be. In the last email I sent about 18 months back, I mentioned the existence of the Reed Hayes Report and Forlab Analysis. The reply was simply that they would be interested in looking that over.

    I have no idea where the matter stands today. I can only hope that the truth does eventually come out.

    I am convinced that a strategic and planned effort was made to associate the Obama origins issue with lesser already-debunked conspiracy theories. Once that happened, all of a sudden, regardless of the mountain of evidence and proof, "birthers" became kooks.

    That didn't happen on accident or in a vacuum.

    Anyway, I know, and you know, and lots of other folks know that the .pdf purported to be an electronic copy of Obama's Certificate of Live Birth, posted to the White House website in April 2011, is a manufactured and manipulated document.

    Keep us posted!


    • Scott, thank you. If Mike Zullo and myself had any doubts I would not be typing this. Please join my mailing list on my website.

      Mike Volin

    • Mr Patriot X—Barry Soetoro Esq, a suspected disinformation operative, has recently been exposed purposefully telling lies about the identity of an FBI agent and purposefully mixing false info in with real intel regarding Sandy Hook, even going as far as causing problems for Alex Jones. Certain important persons are hoping that people will just stay away from him from here on out but the damage has already been done to a certain extent.

      • The person you named (a raving psychotic), was a bit player in the entire scam. As far as I could tell, there were 8 unique ID's involved in that effort and he was just one of them. The owner of Birther Report was scammed by some of those individuals as well. He was conned into giving one of them proprietary IP info on another poster (me) when I got wise to what was going on. That's when I knew that we were in trouble…

        By mid-2014 I knew what was going on. I nibbled around the edges and tried to draw out the bad actors, but in the end, the plan to discredit the Arpaio/Zullo investigation, and muddy the waters with debunked conspiracy garbage, was too swiftly and effectively executed and there was nothing left that anyone could do.

        As far as I'm concerned, much of the blame for what happened to the site rests with Birther Report himself. The site was allowed to be turned from THE source on all things surrounding Obama's origins into an everything-is-a-conspiracy nutball convention.

        I tried to derail it, but failed. The saboteurs succeeded in sowing the seeds of distrust among the faithful. With a few exceptions (you know who you are) I didn't know who was on the level anymore. I've never seen anything like it, quite frankly.

        We all woke up one morning to find that the site that had once been the main "birther" forum on the web was under attack from the inside; and the issue it was meant to promote — the investigation of Obama's real origins, was the target.

        I trust Mike Volin — he's been a faithful and steadfast warrior. But something truly nefarious happened to the Birther Report site in 2015, and that was no accident. I will also NEVER understand why, of all people, Zullo chose a conspiracy nut like Gallups to be his unofficial mouthpiece. Gallups and his minions allowed one of the saboteurs to use his PPP site as a platform.

        So much of this stinks to High Heaven to me.

        • Patriot, great analogy. It’s been an uphill battle even as the evidence continued to mount. It became clear the paid Obama operatives were hell bent on protecting Barry Soetoro. As for Carl Gallups, there were not a lot of people Mike Zullo would trust. I was introduced to Carl before any of the Press conferences and he is true to his word.

        • Barry Soetoro from youtube had his entire youtube channel yanked a few days ago for harrassing David Wheeler and the FBi agent (a violation of youtube's policy on harrassment). I heard they were going to remove Carl Gallups' youtube channel, too, but someone got smart and privatized all of those videos before it occured.

          • Too funny…

            That had to tweak that nutball Big Time!


            As far as I'm concerned, if I were one of the Sandy Hook parents, I'd sue Gallups for "intentional infliction…" and have him and Brandon-whatever in court until St. Swithin's Day. They provided that nutball with a platform to spew his malicious lies.

            That's why I will never understand the involvement of Gallups in this matter (sorry Mike!). As it turned out, the guy Zullo was using as an unofficial spokesperson on the one hand, was at the same time, unwittingly I hope, providing a platform to one of the main saboteurs of the Obama birth certificate issue on Birther Report and elsewhere.

            I believe that the truth about Obama (if that's even his real name) will come out in the end, but sadly, just as the issue should have been gaining traction on its own, it was intentionally lumped in with the common nutball litany of loony conspiracy theories in an effort to delegitimize it.

            But it's not over yet…

          • No. Its over. Your great grandchildren will have died of old age and Obama will still be the legitimate 44th President of the United States. Don't believe me? Just look at the Chester Arthur birthers. Sure, a few people talk about it from time to time, but that's all it will ever amount to. Talk.

          • The Arpaio/Zullo investigation was never about the “birther” matter. It was always about establishing the authenticity of the .pdf purported to be a digital copy of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth that was posted on the White House website 27 April 2011.

            The Arpaio/Zullo team did extensive analysis on that .pdf and concluded that it was in fact a constructed and fabricated digital document. This conclusion was backed up by court-sanctioned document expert Reed Hayes, and the forensic document analysis firm Forlab and the PhD’s thereof.

            The following researchers and experts have also concluded the .pdf of the COLB is a constructed document:

            Douglas Vogt
            Ron Pollard
            Mara Zebest
            Ted Paull
            Ivan Zatkovich
            Karl Denninger
            Tom Harrison
            Paul Irey
            Israel Hanukoglu
            Israel Science and Technology


            Until we know with certainty where Obama was born and who his parents were (are?), it’s impossible to know if he was in fact constitutionally eligible to be POTUS.

            Obama might be a “natural born citizen” and thus eligible to be POTUS, so you could be right about that. At this point, we simply have no way of knowing without a real birth certificate.

        • Hi Scott,

          Crickey, here. Hope all's well with you and the family; do we have a new addition yet?

          As you know, I was also a poster at BR and I couldn't figure out what was happening there. I do know that 'they' did a lot of damage to you and your rep, but wasn't sure who was causing it.

          I'm sorry for the death of that blog; it was pretty good however, trying to filter out who were the plants and who were not was confusing. You came out of it; most didn't.

          Thanks for the explanation; it all makes sense now.

          Be well.

          • Hey Crick's! Good to hear from you…

            Yes, we had a new little one about 6 months back. She is a gorgeous little critter with her mom's big smile. She loves her daddy most of course 🙂 We are going to try for another so she has a sibling to grow up with. Her brothers are 12, 10, and 6. Next year I turn the Big Four-Oh and thought I'd be done with the kid thing, but I guess not.

            Yeah, that whole thing at the end of Birther Report's run was really weird. I knew about a year before that something strange was going on — almost like an elaborate setup was in the works, but I didn't know who was doing it or why. Clearly I was on their target list, as was anyone who agreed with me.

            It's really sad. I honestly feel that the BR implosion materially harmed the birth certificate issue on a wider scale. For example, I had developed a really good source and contact within the Surprise, AZ Tea Party. He was the communications director. I got a lot of primo info from him over time. He had a contact inside the Sheriff's office who was also in regular contact with Zullo. But when things started to go all skippy on BR, he associated me with that mess and cut off all communication.

            I also know for a FACT that a couple media types would occasionally check in on BR to see if there were any new developments. As the subject became diluted by the everything-is-a-conspiracy nuts, they dropped the issue like a fresh turd.

            I probably shouldn't be, but I'm still a bit suspicious of Birther Report himself. I have at times wondered if the site was turned over to another person towards the end there.

            I guess we'll never know…

            I just hope the DOJ picks up on the work Arpaio and Zullo have done and does something with it. I don't think Trump will touch it on his own because it's a political land mine for him.

            I hope everything is well on your end! Take care.

            ~ Scott

          • Hey Scott,

            Congrats on the new addition…a little girl; how very sweet! I'll bet her brothers will be *very* protective of her.

            4-0 is nothing, believe me!

            No, I don't know what happened, either, but you're right…things were odd and there was no explanation for it. The trolls came out in force and did a job on all the regular posters however, the damage dome to you was pretty disgusting.

            It's a shame that your source tied you to the whole mess, but I understand why. You had mentioned him to me in a personal e-mail and that was encouraging, but the outcome was not. I'm sorry that happened.

            Not surprising that the media checks some of the blogs but when there's nothing to report (except chaos), they're gone. This happens more than we realize…

            You mention that you feel the site may have been turned over, and I wondered that myself. It happened with another blog I used to frequent and the personal attacks flew. Readership (and support) disappeared and the site is now a shadow of its former self. Not sure where it came from, but the result was the ruin of a good source of *true* info.

            Not sure about the DOJ, but Trump knows what Sheriff Joe knows. Will he do anything with it? Right now, the poor guy's got North Korea, two natural disasters to deal with, plus a do-nothing Congress who blocks him every step of the way. They need to be flushed; all of them..

            All's stable here, and thanks for your reply; good to talk to you and again, congrats on the new arrival!

  2. I have been witness to massive fraud on a galactic scale since about March of 2008. It was some time after that I read a post in a blog about Steven Coffman looking for record of Obama having registered for the draft. He in fact hadn't as the Selective Service System did not find any records.

    I began looking for information about Obama and was shocked to see what was available. Most of it newspaper articles about Obama a "Kenyan" running for senate as posted in "The Standard" a South African news paper. Other stories and information began to flow.

    Then conformation of Obama's ineligibility were resourced in law suits from Philip Berg, Orley Taitz, Mario Apuzzo and others. With the suits more questions grew and more information was had since Obama could not cover his tracks by presidential order. Obama's team began floating false documents I am sure meant to confuse and buy time rather than solve problems but the media and the democrats colluded in this massive lie which was the first of many. The spineless republicans did nothing to stop the economic and social disaster that unfolded due to the progression of the fraud that is Obama/Soetoro.

    Those of us in the trenches have watched in utter disbelief as people we respected fell like frozen birds in the face any scrutiny by the media in questioning whether or not Obama was genuine which he is not. Carl Gallops is but a handful of people with a microphone and a pulpit that stood tall to proclaim there is a huge question here that demands answers unlike spineless wimps like Hannity, Rush, and others. To be fair other radio hosts did their part in exposing the fake Obama like True News and others but the big name and big audience guys flew with their brethren chickens, meanwhile, Obama now in office flooded this country with criminal aliens that to this day deal out preventable death and destruction to people and families in this country. I blame media for allowing the Obama corruption to fester without question.

    Does anyone remember how Hannity and Malkin "vetted" the president? Hannity said, "Obama knows Bill Airs and Reverand Wright, they suck" and that was pretty much the extent of their vetting.

    Hannity is a fraud and a corporate trooper for not bringing any of this forward sooner like when he said he would interview Sheriff Arpaio then blew it off. The sooner we could have exposed Obama for the fake and fraud he is I am confident more Americans would be alive today instead we have hundreds of grieving families whose lives have been changed forever and that is unforgivable. False witness is a sin in the Bible and knowing truth but withholding it too is false witness.

    President Trump was the only GOP candidate that openly challenged Obama's fake narrative and fake documents out of the 17 GOP candidates and the two corrupt DNC picks, guess who is president?

      • Exactly PATRIOT_X…I'm not as articulate as you and Ed above, but I know enough now to be totally 100% unequivocally certain that the "DEEP DARK COWARDICE STATE" worship a colossal sized root that runs deep enough to hit China. I know I dont need to tell you, Ed, Mike, and others who know the truth, what the "number one problem" this country faces right now…but I want to because if more "NON-BIRTHERS" read all of these comments here I want them to see and read what the "number one problem" is in this country right now, and here it is………….."PROTECTION."

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