One thought on “The Theory is Now a Conspiracy And Facts Don’t Lie

  1. This interesting comment about Cameron was posted on another website by a regular visitor.

    Coincidence. Last night on FOX. Campaign Carl Cameron announced retirement after only 22 years. FOX gave him high praise and a good 3 minute video send off ( Brett baier).

    4 years ago , in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Obama fraud and Obama massive spying investigation, Cameron was contacted and selected to spend ” weeks” with Arpaio, Mike Zullo , and Whistle-blower Dennis Montgomery. Cameron is in the terrible position of knowing way too much about Obama and DNC criminal.and treasonous behaviour. Notice.he made ZERO appearances on Fox since last November.

    Ten months and your top #1 political reporter does not show up on TV ?? ! And now Arpaio appears ready for a pardon! And Montgomery already has a ripe DC court lawsuit in process that nails Comey , Brennan , Rice , Obama , Clapper etc. PROOF OF SPYING. Connected DOTS !

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