A special message from Mike Volin. As you all know my team has been fighting our corrupt government for almost 9 years. We have made numerous trips to Congress and gave them classified briefings on behalf of investigator Mike Zullo. Most of all our work has been documented through our Web site, blog and radio show.

I am pleased to endorse another Web site hosted by my friend, patriot, well know you tube blogger Mr. Gabor Zolna. Gabe has been in the forefront of exposing our corrupt politicians including Senator John McCain. Gabe has been a frequent guest on my radio show (wobc) and truly fights everyday for our country. Watch his you tube channel and visit his new Web site.


  1. Thanks for all your help Mr. Volin and Mr. Zolna—I am a former obot, and Dr. Conjob is a professional Democrat disinformation agent , just as suspected. I have been drinking a little bit tonight, and I hope I am not out of line here, but I was a secret informant for Mike Zullo since 2014 and I ratted everybody out. And even though the others from the old birtherreport have cut and run, you two guys continue to soldier on like true heroes. You birthers were right all along—Obama is a complete and total fraud : a low-level CIA agent/Muslim with fake paperwork, but when he is exposed in front of Congress very soon, he will say that he is a former CIA operative who served his country honorably and has legally-issued government documents, Give me a thumbs up, please.

    • Thanks for post The RealRC…Sounding really good so far. More true Americans are removing the mold from their eyes and concurring with the truth regarding Obama’s, (Barry’s), fake birth certificate and fake SSN#, and fake Selective Service Card. As far as I’m concerned we’re not BIRTHERS….They are “NON-BIRTHERS.” Remember that folks, if the NON-AMERICANS call you a BIRTHER ever again, immediately call them a “NON-BIRTHER.” You people gotta learn how to call these NON-AMERICAN UNPATRIOTIC “NON-BIRTHERS” out! YES!

  2. hey Gabe I see they took you off You Tube, you were mentioning it too much creating bad karma. anyway all your videos are gone hope you can get back on somehow. I did send them a message about suing them and getting a lawyer for freedom of speech violation. Wish most would leave that horrible channel. really reminds me of eBay when I started selling on there, same thing happened. well again sorry, I did watch you everyday and will miss you.

  3. Gabe has been robbed of his 1st Amendment right! Gabe's videos my be gone, but his message was loud and clear! A man of integrity and charm, his video's will be missed. I guess heros on YouTube, die young.

  4. Thanks Gabe…Thanks Mike.
    I'm very grateful for both of you taking the time to share your experiences
    and wealth of knowledge…and listening to my ranting. Now that Gabe has his own web-page/site and he mentioning Mike
    to me, I will spend less time on YouTube. I have been donating to a few channels on YouTube occasionally but not any
    longer. I finally discovered the land of milk and honey! Any donations and contributions I make will be directed to your work.
    I'm in between jobs currently but I will help some. Thanks again.

    • OLD TIMER…Yes sir Gabe’s website is up & running! Go to “” When you get there you can watch all his latest videos and also set up an account so that you’re able to comment if you wish. Setting up an account is very easy, Gabe’s Webmaster has worked diligently to make this set-up as user friendly as possible. Go check it out and let your hair down…unless you’re balding like me!

  5. Gabe, I am sending this message again after sending it on "Mike"'s channel. I am not able to get your web site up for some reason. It is just a blank screen. Thought you should know. So for now I am keeping up on Mike's channel. Thank you for your honest information and I do appreciate the time and energy you spend producing the videos for us Be blessed

  6. Hey Gabe, Tony here in Canada,
    Happy Birthday! I love your vids! .. keep on being you!
    I sure wish we had a Trump here, instead of the Liberal Ahole we have for PM!

  7. Hi Gabe,
    I watch your videos on my big TV, however I can't pass them on or make comments like or not like (of course I like all of them so far) Possiabely it's I just don't know how. At 74 I'm not very computer savvy any more. I used to view videos on Facebook that my son would post there of my grand kids. I served in the Navy one of the first of real jobs I was assigned was A4 plane captain. After Traitor Mc Cain caused over 176 Million of damage to the Forrestall in addion to the total destruction of 50 very costly aircraft .And killed 134 of her crew and iinjured 87 more. I told an Officer I would like to transfer to the Forrestall. After a bit of discussion he told me that he's not going back there. Why not? I asked. His sort of shocking responce was; probably more than half of the remaining crew would like to kill that son of a bitch. I heard what you said and I have the utmost respect for that Great Man myself Dan

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