Obama Library Will Go Digital




The Obama library will digitize what will be on display. It is no surprise it has to go digital with the well known  controversies surrounding Obama Identity which include the digital copy of his alleged birth certificate only available for inspection on a Web site, his selective service draft registration card, his social security number issued from the State of Conecticut, (he never resided there) his book bio indicating he was born in Kenya. Also included in this cover up, his numerous aliases (Barry Sotero, Barry Obama, Sobarka).  The fact that he attended school in Indonesia and as a requirement became an Indonesian Citizen.

Are there any real documents? Why must Obama digitized his entire life? Who is Barack Obama? What is he hiding?

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10 thoughts on “Obama Library Will Go Digital

  1. Mike Volin seems to think that Obama has any say in where his original BC goes. He does not. No person in the United States of America does. One can request, and pay for, as many copies as they may need, but the original certificate belongs to the health department of the state they were born in.

    • Ok Bruce. Do you really think we can accept a Web based document that a White House Attorney who flew overnight (bullshit she did) to obtain 2 copies of a long form birth certificate that Hawaii stated it does not supply. Can we examine that copy Bruce can we. Not a digitized copy that will be on display in a 5 Million dollar library. Can we examine it Bruce? Can we? Send me your phone number, mine is listed on the post or in case you can’t navigate there. 570 284 7477. Ok Bruce why are you still here? What are you doing here Bruce?

    • If Trump is impeached, Trump gets to defend himself by fully investigating Obama's background and "motives" for illegally surveilling him. We will then get Obama's DNA samples, we will get to physically examine his birth certificate, his college records, etc etc. —I BET THIS IS WHAT TRUMP IS PLANNING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY GET READY!!!!!

  2. Ex-Intel Contractor Sues Comey, Claims FBI Covered Up Evidence of Widespread Illegal Spying on Americans

    “A lawsuit was filed late Monday night by Dennis Montgomery alleges he provided overwhelming evidence to the FBI of illegal spying on Americans.”

    I believe once McCabe is fired everything will be exposed.

  3. Obama clapper Keith Alexander Mike Rogers Robert Mueller & James Comey, likely surveilled Birther Report & all posters, & Mike Volin:

    "Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Investigator Zullo confirmed to Infowars.com that there were in the Montgomery NSA database dozens of entries at various addresses, that included Trump Tower in New York City and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

    These records suggest Donald Trump was apparently under NSA electronic surveillance from 2004, during President George W. Bush’s term of office, through 2009, the first year of President Obama’s presidency.

    After additional search of the Montgomery files, Zullo also confirmed that Alex Jones had been under NSA surveillance during the same years."


  4. Comey cannibalizes the Deep State

    “Published on Jun 9, 2017Thomas and Betsy review the winning streak that Donald Trump and his administration had this week. From shutting off the climate-hoax syphon from America to the globalists to tweeting out “WOW Comey is the leaker,” Trump has been leading Team America in this week’s stunning victories over the Deep State-Globalists-D. C. criminals.

    Dominos are falling.

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