25 thoughts on “Final Press Conference Concludes, Obama’s Birth Certificate Is An Absolute Fake!

  1. Thank you Mike and CDR Kerchner for all your hard work exposing the fraud perpetrated against our country. Like Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo said Congress needs to pass legislation that future presidents must be vetted so we don’t go thru this again.

    • Yes,indeed! I would also like to see more details about what has been investigated. Mike Zullo said he doesn't want to write a book, but I think the public needs to see what has happened,what has been done,and what the media and Congress have been ignoring. Details about the investigation would be fascinating and would answer questions and clear up misconceptions.

  2. Lou Dobbs had Sheriff Joe on his show just days after the last news conference on Barry's fake birth certificate and Joe said nothing about it, nor did Lou Dobbs ask him anything. Sometimes on this subject even the "good guys" aren't. Probably, Fox told them both not to mention anything about the Obama fraud.

  3. Mike, can you please add the executive order #13467, that was signed by George's W Bush on June 30rh 2008 .
    CRS , congressional research service : security clearances are not mandated for Potus, VP and theirs "families members, employees",etc.

    "Condemnation without investigation is the highest level of ignorance. "
    Ted Cruz and the likes will come back and try again and again.

  4. I just listened to last night's radio program with Mike Zullo. Thank you, Mike Volin. It was good to hear both of you speak on this issue.

    I have always trusted A&Z to proceed in the most effective way. It was heartening to hear the following: that Mike Zullo has plans in place for a way to proceed and that he is moving forward; that he has more information than we know about, some of which is sensitive (which he also said in the final press conference); that there are people connected with the next administration who are friendly to the investigation; that once the process is put into place, it will follow a logical course; and more.

    I hope people will be patient and not try to take things into their own hands. We need to realize that there's a great deal we don't know — both about details of the investigation itself, as well as the people and relationsihps involved — and continue to trust that Mike Zullo is diong the best thing.

    Thank you and Godspeed.

  5. @ Mike Volin

    I listened to the entire WOBC podcast last night and it was your best ever! You have real talent as an interviewer and commentator. Zullo was great. I can tell he's so anxious to unburden himself of all he knows that he's about to burst. But he's a cool cucumber. I grew up in the Army and he's definitely acquired that Army affect.

    There are so many of us out here who are truly grateful for all that you do.

    Have a great 2017! I think we have some good things in store for us in the New Year…

    Scott B.

  6. Birthers lost.
    Get over it.
    President Trump has already disavowed your movement.
    Arpaio is no longer in a position to do anything, save for begging people to fund his legal defense.
    Zullo has no one with a badge to hide behind.

      • You’ve been saying that for eight years now. Lol. I’m so sure you’re gonna magically have a reversal of fortune. PS your taxes pay for Obama’s pension. Lol.

          • Except you've had EIGHT years to prove your case…and over two-hundred failed court battles. Now that Obama is no longer, for lack of a better word, relevant, your chances are even bleaker. Go look on the new White House website. It has Obama listed as born in Hawaii to Kenyan father and American mother. Trump left birthers to die back in September, when he declared the matter settled. The Cold Case Posse is no more. Zullo and Gallups can give each other all the verbal fellatio they want, but they no longer have a law enforcement agency to hide behind. Just idiots like you, who will gladly dip into ye old retirement fund, to sent them more money.

            Obama is going settle into the same easy lifestyle as his predecessors, on your dime. All birthers can do is wail, gnash their teeth, and repeat the tired old "any day now" mantra that they have been since he first took office in 2009. You'll grow older, greyer, still spouting your crazy conspiracies, just like the moon landing truthers. And just like them, no one outside of your ever shrinking echo chamber will take you seriously.

  7. Got news for you all: Want to know why Congress keeps stalling about Obamakare? Why all the Intel Committee meetings are behind closed doors? Why the big smokescreen of "Russia-gate?" Because I sent this in not so long ago but it finally took. In 1976 I was ordered to give then Mossad Agent Netanyahu a true copy of my birth certificate (I was adopted and didn't know my real parents yet), and another sealed copy of a "Half-black, half-brother" I'd no idea of. By GHWB, my Agent Handler at the time. Net. promised to keep it well hidden so as to help the US, and would give it to whoever became President at the proper time. WHO and WHAT our common father is is more than "Universe-shattering" in the implications and DC is reeling from it. Even in 1993 in a hearing before HI Judge Richard Komo did then SSA Brian Larkin (He was also an enlisted man when I was and was made to be SS as he was utilized in a long-term disinformation campaign regarding GHWB) gave the same to be sealed at the 9th Circuit, saying he didn't understand why, but one was of an "Indonesian guy named Barry Soetoro," and that "Oh, they have the same father, a Markus Wolf…" Wolf was still "The man with no face" until the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was sent to ground in 1977 and as you will read, I only remembered doing that until a specific mnemonic, that of Netanyahu's recent contacts with President Trump. (Yes, they made a "Double-blind Manchurian Candidate Study Subject out of me. I can't wait to finally be paid and stop living in "Natural habitat" poverty.) As such, CIA Director William Colby's "Family Jewels" testimony will be explained as STASI HvA Gen. Markus Wolf's penchant of breeding his international ring of spies and code-naming them as Jewels. That got him caught and I was used to lure him to the West in 1977. To make it short, I was to have been "Sapphire," Obama is "Opal" and there are many more still in place. Think on this, it will sink in… I am "Term Limits" in the flesh, inasmuch as Congress fired Colby but gave him long-term funding for his Study and he became my OJT trainer in the art of being a "Gray Man" at the Duesseldorf Consulate where I was stationed. He and GHWB would skip by Customs by going through the British Base where I had BAQ. Please get this to Sheriff Arpaio; I fear being covered up. http://rickahyatt.blogspot.com/2017/03/open-lette

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