Special Announcement: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference Concludes It’s Investigation. Barack Obama Is Using Counterfeit Documents.





Special Message from the desk of  WOBC Radio President, Michael Volin.

Friends and listeners, I am happy to announce this Thursday December 15, at 4:00 pm mst, 6:00 pm eastern Sheriff Joe Arpaio will hold the final press conference regarding his continuing investigation into Barack Obama’s Counterfeit documents. If you thought the investigation was over, it never was. I have been in contact with the lead investigator and I can assure you the evidence is overwhelming.

The conference will be lived streamed. Here is the link:



Michael Volin

President WOBC Radio


Posted By: Michael Volin

20 thoughts on “Special Announcement: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference Concludes It’s Investigation. Barack Obama Is Using Counterfeit Documents.

    • Yes, interesting. I wonder if Obama has ever really been clear about who he is.

      You might not remember me, but I used to post on BR. It's good to see posts here from some names I recognize, including you ("Congress protects Obama to protect themselves"), Scott, and tula.

      I have no idea what happened to that site, but it's unfortunate. I know what was happening when I left. I do hope its owner is OK.

      I'm glad the Cold Case Posse info is going to be released. Trying not to get my hopes up too high that 1) the info will be undeniable and demand action, and 2) action will be taken….because I believe there is overwhelming evidence already, yet nothing has been done.

      Those who have worked on this for years, like Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo, as well as Mike Volin, are heroes. I am so grateful.

      • Thanks for your response. I posted at BR for years and for a while it was, mostly, a great site. There were times when people were posting there who appeared to be trying to discredit the site with lots of off-topic stuff which to me was really far out. I do wish a new thread would be started there to respond to the Thursday press conference.

        I just can't stop trying to help get something done about the Obama fraud because it is, and always has been, so very obvious, yet so many people just keep pretending everything is legit………..as I have said many times, "to protect themselves".

        I'm also hoping for the best and trying not to get my hopes too high. Those who have been working on this for years have my respect, no matter what the final outcome is.

        • Hiya! Of course I remember you 😉

          I don't know what happened to BR the person. There is some truly disgusting speculation at Doc's site, but I doubt they know any more than we do.

          As for what happened to BR the site — it was sabotaged. Sadly, one of the main players in that take-down is still running the scam.

          As for the conference coming our way today, I'm actually pretty stoked. It's time to put a bow on this thing one way or another. Why this issue didn't play with even the conservative press more than it did I will never understand.

          Again, I've taken that .pdf BC apart in ever conceivable way using the very programs it was made with. I have NO DOUBT that it is a constructed document. I have a couple theories as to why, but beyond that no proof.

          I would LOVE the answer to a couple of those questions today, but have no idea what we'll get.

          If I don't hear anything significantly new today, I'm done with this issue. We have a new baby girl on the way, I'm up to my nether regions at work, and I simply won't give this anymore time unless there's a good reason!

          Finally, I am so thankful to Mike and his associates for this site at this point and time. It's great to see some of the old "faces" again, heh heh!

          Be Well.


          • Thanks for your kind words. Congrats on your new addition to your family!

            About your third paragraph: Many of my questions remain unanswered. I know what I saw and experienced (which basically turned into a mob mentality), but I don't understand why certain people — both on and off that site — defended the behavior and gave them carte blanche to basically take it over, even in the face of some of the most ridiculous false theories and accusations I've ever seen. No one would hear the truth. It's really unfortunate.

            A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Bob, one of my theories re: Obama's fraudulent doc's is that maybe HE doesn't even know the truth about his origins. In both of his books (clearly written by different individuals) he tiptoes around his own birth narrative and totally hedges his bets on whether Stanley Ann and Barack Sr. were ever even married.

      As I detailed on BR before it imploded, I had the opportunity to do a little research of my own at Occidental (making a contact who was there in 1979 and remembered "Barry") and at the University of Washington. I keep coming back to the latter as the weak link in the Obama origins narrative.

      We are expected to believe that a svelte Stanley Ann, having just given birth to infant Barry, shows up 2,500 miles from Hawaii days after that birth…?

      Uh huh.

      This smells of a hand-off to me.

      Unless Arpaio/Zullo have the nuts on Obama we will likely never learn the truth of his real origins.

      I guess for now we can all just stay tuned and wait for the conference…

      Take Care!

  1. Despot obama and evil regime going scorched earth. They definitely know what’s coming and trying hard to keep Trump out of the white house. Like Mike Zullo said actions speak louder than words. The traitors are scared shitless.

  2. If we will indeed be 'vindicated' as some are saying, my life will be complete and I can die happy :). The low level depression I'm sure everyone following this charade has experienced, will be lifted.

    We just want the truth to finally come out. We want our country back. We want to see the end of an error named Obama.

  3. Here are my takeaways from the conference in order of significance to me…

    1. They have a source document. That revelation alone fills in several holes those of us who have worked with the .pdf could never quite figure out.

    2. This isn't over. Sheriff Joe's parting comment was that they were sitting on further "sensitive" information.

    3. Sadly, Sheriff Joe looks ill to me, frail…

    4. They have convergent scientific analyses that reach the same conclusion — the .pdf is a manufactured document.

    5. Miki Booth is off the hook, Johanna Ah'Nee is not.

    6. The case is being turned over to the Fed's and/or Congress. That tells me they have someone willing to take it. That is a very different story from just recently.

    7. The forgery likely occurred outside of Hawaii.

    8. The reveal to the press (Savannah Guthrie) was staged and or managed by the White House including the digital photographs released of the BC.

    The larger question that has always nagged at me about all of this is WHY?

    Why would someone like Barack Obama need to go to such elaborate lengths to establish an origins narrative that wasn't true? That is the one question I had hoped the conference would answer, but here we are.

    My gut felling has always been that the answer is something simple like an embarrassing aspect to his real birth narrative (born illegitimate, different father on the BC, born without a BC, etc.). I'm not so sure about that anymore.

    I also STRONGLY suspect that Trump knows more than he's letting on. He did send investigators to Hawaii and as I have recently discovered personally as the result of the mess with my former father-in-law, private investigators are NOT constrained by the standards and practices of deputized or official police investigators like Zullo, et al.

    Finally, perhaps I'm reading more into this than I should, but why did Obama call a press conference for tomorrow right in the middle of the Arpaio/Zullo presentation?

    Interestinger and interestinger…

    • Good summary. I need to watch it again.

      "I also STRONGLY suspect that Trump knows more than he's letting on."
      I have come to believe that Trump knows more than we think he does about everything. I imagine Trump is in Arpaio's confidence. Whether he will want to act on this information, or direct those in his administration to act, will be interesting to see.

      I was also glad to see Arpaio say that there is more that he didn't reveal. Maybe it's too sensitive to reveal to the public. I hope that doesn't mean it will get lost in some Congressional investigation.

      For me, this is about so much more than just Obama presenting a forged document. We need to know everyone who has been part of this conspiracy, and we need to let whatever powers are behind it know that we won't stand for it. Whether Congress will act is another matter.

  4. Shocking Revelations About Obama’s Past To Be Released Soon

    Shocking Nude Photos Of Obama’s Mom?

    I’m sure you’ve seen these latest videos.

    Remember when frank marshall davis son posted on BR he didn’t think Barry was his fathers son also posted if someone would pay for his trip to Hawaii he would take a dna test. After I asked him “did your father speak of obama if so what did he say about him” we never heard from him again.


    Anyhow I believe soetoros nefarious history will drip drip out especially if clinton/obama keep trying to sabotage Trump and the American people huge land slide win.

    Maybe wikileaks will release information exposing soetoro. Time will tell.


  5. I was convinced Barry's BC would be fraudulent if he ever released one because he is an obvious fraud, and he would have released it much sooner if he had an authentic one…..maybe even have taken Trump's 5 million dollar offer and donated the money to ISIS, (or ISIL as Hussein calls it). Getting Congress to act on this, in my opinion, will remain impossible for the same reason I have stated at least hundreds of times over the past almost 8 years, which is. "Congress protects Obama to protect itself". There was plenty of evidence that begged for an investigation prior to Obama being sworn in back in 2009. Once he was sworn in Congress job number 1 became to insure Obama remained officially a legitimate president. Giving America's government and her military to the enemy sounds pretty serious to me and this is what Congress did when they did nothing to stop Barry from being sworn in. That's why there was no chance of a Congressional investigation or impeachment of Obama, no matter what he did or how much evidence of his fraud continued to pour in, Excuses not to impeach Obama were a dime a dozen for the Republicans, the last thing they wanted was to rekindle a worldwide discussion of, "Who is Barry Soetoro", which impeachment would do.

    What happens next? Congress, with many of the same members as eight years ago, will continue to do nothing IMO. Even Trump, who knows Obama is a fraud will probably just move on in his efforts to MAGA and abandon this issue.

    What was said in the press conference may have contained more evidence of the forgery, but I don't see this as any kind of break-though. I also wanted Arpaio and Zullo to quit apologizing for doing the investigation. Maybe there is more information in the report which they are giving Congress, other than the BC info…………….I hope so, but it would have to be "universe shattering" to make Congress act, tonight was not even close. I don't think the knowledge that Obama's BC posted online is a fraud, even if Congress 100% agrees that is true, will prompt them to do anything.

    I would like to be more optimistic, but at this point that is very difficult.

    • "I would like to be more optimistic, but at this point that is very difficult."
      I understand. We've seen how the do-nothing Congress operates, probably because they are complicit.

      Positives for me:
      – Zullo said law enforcement people (can't remember how he worded it) are already in possession of all the info, and my impression was that he thought they would investigate.
      – Arpaio said there is more sensitive info that he didn't release. I hope that might prompt action by some responsible people (like maybe Giuliani?).
      – I don't see any way to explain away the evidence presented today. It is direct evidence of forgery.
      – A lot of questions are left unanswered. Who did the actual forgery? Who planned it? Who else was involved? I hope those in a position to act will want answers.

      This is something straight out of a spy novel; yet we are living it. It is almost too monumental to be believed. I hope we don't end up with a strongly worded letter from Congress, LOL.

  6. What I'd loved to have seen at the end of the press conference was Sheriff Joe at the podium stating: 'I Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, hereby issue an arrest warrant for Barack Hussein Obama for falsifying a government document.'

    Perhaps this could still happen before Sheriff Joe leaves office?

    • Heh! That would have been pretty cool, but felony warrants almost always have to come from a judge and that's been the problem from the jump. No one on that end of things wants to touch the case.

      I have been doing a postmortem of sorts on the whole MCSO/CCP investigation and I can't help but wonder at this point if the scope of the investigation from the outset was too limited. Arpaio and Zullo repeatedly stated along the way that the only goal of the investigation was to establish the validity of the BC, not to determine where Obama was born or examine any other part of his origins story.

      But for example, what if investigating the social security # led to the discovery of a different BC used to obtain it at the time?

      I think the whole NBC issue muddied the waters too. A lot of time went into discussing and obsessing over something that was irrelevant until Obama's actual place of birth and parentage could be established. The "birther" stigma harmed the image of the investigation, IMHO.

      That being said, I'm going to give it a few more weeks and see what happens under a new administration.

      I hope everything is well on your end… It's cold as a witch's backside here…

      • I know, Scott, but I was hoping that Sheriff Joe would throw the bomb…I think he may have the authority to arrest for other charges (of which there are many) within his jurisdiction.

        You're right; the scope was just that but I think that along the way, the CCP unearthed deeper and darker info that stunned even them. Perhaps that's the additional 'evidence' they have; IMO, the MCSO is sitting on a powderkeg. With Obama, there are no dead ends; everything about him seems to lead somewhere else. Not sure what Sheriff Joe has, but I believe he has something profound.

        IMO, the NBC issue was what initially prompted the investigation; the two went hand in hand. I don't recall any other POTUS being hammered so hard to produce a birth certificate! There was something very wrong with him, and all the accusations eventually came together. While the birther issue was front and center, the CCP's mission was to exonerate Obama's document he (or someone else) produced. That was their mission. As we can see, he was not exonerated. That piece of paper (or, should I say, computer generated image) was proven to be what it was: A fake.

        Yes, let's see how this all shakes out. Remember that Sheriff Joe endorsed Trump to the max and they're friends. I'm thinking that Trump knows a lot of what Sheriff Joe knows (and we may not!) so it'll be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of it. I think we'll all be a tad upset if this usurper is allowed to just walk away.

        All is well, except for the weather. Currently, it's 27 degrees with freezing rain here; we had a low of 1 crummy degree on Wednesday night, and we're supposed to be near 60 on Sunday. Go figure! Must be 'global warming;' yeah, that's what it is….. Where's Algore when you need him?

        • I just wish Trump had not put people in positions to possibly bring Obama to justice who were part of a Congress who enabled Barry's usurpation and protected him for his 8 years as the fake president. Sessions, as the A.G. and Trey Gowdy, leading a Congressional investigation are a couple of examples. I cannot imagine either of of those two and many others doing anything to fully expose and have acted on the truth about Barry. If they did they would have to spend the rest of their lives explaining their lies to constituents and their actions to protect, rather than expose Obama for the entire time Obama was pretending to be president. If Obama is prosecuted for his crimes it likely won't be because of Congress, but in spite of it.

          There could be so much crap on Barry and Company from many sources that the entire charade of legitimacy of Barry just blows up in a way no one can control it. Perhaps that will finally result in Obama and the hundreds/thousands of others complicit in the Obama fraud being brought to justice…….maybe

          If this happens I hope I am still around to see it.

          Thanks Mike…………

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