Kamala Harris Is Not Eligible To Hold The Office Of Vice President Or President.

We will investigate the Eligibilty Of Kamala Harris to serve in the Office Of Vice President of the United States.

Publisher and columnist, Sharon Rondeau from The Post Email, and investigative researchers-CDR Charles Kerchner (ret), and Miki Booth, will be our guests. The ability to hold the office of the President and Vice President under The Natural Born Citizen clause of our Constitution are under attack. It is evident over the past decades that an attack on our Constitution has been underway and continues to this day. We will provide a multitude of evidence to clearly show what the requirements are. The Natural Born Citizen clause was entered into our Constitution to protect our Country from foreign influence and invaders. Does that exist today? You better believe it does. Please tune in and listen, Call in to the show to express your concerns and give your opinions. Open telephone lines.

Date: Wednesday August 18, 2020

Time: 8:00pm to 10:00pm eastern

Call in number: 516 387 1325 (press 1 to get on the air)


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