Of Silence, Birth Certificates and Spying

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by Miki Booth, ©2019

(Jul. 3, 2019) — Now that John Brennan, James Clapper, Mueller and others have been exposed as leaders of the attempted coup against President Donald Trump, it’s time I come out of hiding to restate accusations I made against them and other architects of sedition and treason.

It starts way before the spying began. It starts with a phony narrative for, yes, their Manchurian Candidate, Barry Soetoro. With what we know now, who will call me “racist!” or “birther” to marginalize and even silence my voice that was once a national clarion cry of danger and warning of attacks on our country, our precious Constitution? My voice was heard throughout tea parties, speaking at rallies across our great country, running for US House of Representatives in 2010 and publishing a book to memorialize my experiences and provide proof of fraud. I’m well-versed now in Alinsky tactics in Rules for Radicals and see it to this day continually used against us in countless ways as it was used on me.

Who will question me now about my accusations that the FBI spied on me and tapped my land line? They spied on me because John Brennan wanted to know how much we knew. By “we” I mean myself and Victoria “Tori” Windsor. During my national presence at the peak of the Tea Party movement, Victoria and I became great friends and spoke almost daily about new leads we discovered as we peeled the layers o? of Zbignew Brzezinski, John Brennan and other CIA communist in?ltrators.

When I met Victoria she was deep in futile attempts to get Intellectual Property, software she developed, back from what she said was stolen by John Brennan and the US Patent O?ce. I wish now that I had paid more attention to the specifics of her patent applications, but I do remember it had to do with voter machines and anti-fraud software. It’s common knowledge now that Brennan’s business, The Analysis Corporation, was under contract to the State Department’s passport o?ce and in 2008 breached the records of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The purpose of the breach was to “scrub,” “sanitize” or whatever the CIA calls altering records to ?t Obama’s birth and identification narrative. Clinton and John McCain’s ?les were also breached to provide cover for what they had done.

A young black man, Lieutenant (his name not a rank) Quarles Harris, who was slated to testify in a case connected to irregularities in the passport o?ce, was killed while he sat in his car eating a “fast food” breakfast in the parking lot of a church. DC police never found a suspect and the murder case remains unsolved, much like the Seth Rich case. Unsolved and chalked up as a robbery although nothing had been taken. Seth Rich is the Democrat National Committee sta?er and Bernie Sanders supporter who some believe provided emails to Wikileaks to expose the corruption in the DNC. Because Harris was young and black the DC police, with the help of the media, pushed the “drug deal gone bad” narrative. As far as I know, my friend Victoria is the only person to reach out to Lieutenant’s mother to o?er condolences and after a conversation, Victoria called me. “They’re lying” she said.

How ironic that they accuse Trump of Russia involvement when it was they who conspired with Russia to produce a polished liar and charlatan to unleash on an unsuspecting and naïve nation. Irony has nothing to do with it. Brennan’s carefully-laid plan was to use CIA-linked Columbia University to provide cover for Obama and pad a nice résumé for him. In the meantime no one ever saw Obama at Columbia because Barry Soetoro was attending the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, named for Patrice Lumumba, the anti-colonialist who fought for Congo’s independence from Belgium and was assassinated for his troubles. He remains a martyr for his radical e?orts and revered in Russia as a communist sympathizer. The name of the university has since changed to “People’s Friendship University of Moscow” to shed the radical connotation of Lumumba.

While Victoria and I were researching the Columbia discrepancies we got a lead that Barry had been in Moscow during the years 1981-83 at Lamumba. I was skeptical. Something this big surely would be splayed everywhere in our underground conservative online news outlets. I went to the PLU website and clicked on “Famous Alumni.” At the top of the list was Mahmood Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, or better-known as Chairman of the terrorist organization the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). It was the second name on the list that rocked me to my core: Barry Soetoro, President of the United States. I swear on all things holy that it was there. I saw it and Victoria took a screenshot on her computer. I would have also but she was the computer expert and I was a novice and didn’t know how to do it at the time. Nevertheless, I felt con?dent it would be there when I went back. Of course it wasn’t. It was gone, replaced by Sri Lankan Marxist Rohanna Wijeweera. The list also included Carlos the Jackal and Anna Chapman. All good communists, and all I can do is swear that I saw it before it got scrubbed. I believe Brennan, through spying on our phone calls, was alerted to ?x the Moscow problem.

I hope by now Americans understand the lengths the intelligence community took to put Obama in o?ce for another four years in the form of Hillery Clinton to wreak havoc against our country and ensure that the truth of what was going on would never see the light of day. The core of their tyranny continues to be the fraud that is Barack Obama, and even after two and a half years of President Trump draining the swamp, the forged birth certificate and Selective Service application form o?ered up as Obama’s identification is still protected by the Deep State. Anyone bringing it up will be hastily dispatched.

Maricopa County, AZ Sheri? Joe Arpaio, after a 5+ year investigation, held a press conference on December 15, 2016 and showed video proof that the birth certificate released on April 27, 2011 was a manufactured ?le, a digital forgery. That same press conference exonerated me as an accused forger and instead proved that the birth certificate of my friend, Johanna Ah’Nee, was used as a source document for 9 data points used on Obama’s forgery. Furthermore, two forensic document experts on two separate continents also found the birth certificate to be a fraud.

Unfortunately, Victoria didn’t get to be with me at the press conference. Brennan’s nemesis, Victoria Windsor, died unexpectedly in 2012. She was rushed to the hospital after uncontrollably vomiting blood. She went into a coma and died. All her research, all her intellectual property, proof of theft and government corruption and the screenshot of Patrice Lumumba famous alumni, Barry Soetoro, gone.

As for me, Barry Soetoro”s nemesis, I’ve pretty-much been silenced for the past many years. But I did make national news again when I tried to give a packet of evidence and a?davit of forgery to my congressman at a town hall meeting. He refused to take it and even told me he didn’t “give a ****” about Obama’s birth certificate. The video of the exchange went viral and elicited tirades from, among others, Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow. They got it wrong, though. They said it was all about Obama being born in Kenya. But it wasn’t. It was about a forged birth certificate. They only referred to me as a “birther princess” and never used my name and I know why. Word was put out years ago by The Huffington Post editorial staff to not give me publicity by using my real name. And you know media colludes.

Amazingly, some of the very people we identified as being part of the birth certificate hoax conspiracy have emerged as perpetrators of the Russia hoax. Let’s see:  we have Brennan; of course Obama; Clapper, and Perkins Coie. What are the chances of that? On the ID fraud we also have Bob Bauer, Savannah Guthrie, Chiyome Fukino, Alvin Onaka, Loretta Fuddy (now deceased under weird circumstances) and a whole lot more.

As the entire Obama/Brennan house of cards comes tumbling down, maybe now people will listen to me.



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