An Open Letter to House and Senate Republicans

An Open Letter to House and Senate Republicans

I am old enough to remember some very good days in America’s past, the days when police officers were treated with respect; when firefighters only had to fight fires and not thugs shooting at them; when teachers could turn their backs to write on the blackboard without wondering if a student would pull a gun on them; when professors taught students how to think rather than what to think; when children grew up with two parents and all their siblings had the same parents; when cars did not have thousands of dollars’ worth of absurd safety equipment because a few idiots do not know how to drive; when a farmer could plow his field without being sued by a federal agency; when U.S. troops could fire at the enemy without first having to get permission from a Defense Department attorney thousands of miles away; when boys were boys and girls were girls; when the only people with tattoos were in the Navy; when popular songs did not contain profanity and references to prostitution and cop-killing; when people were ashamed to be on welfare, rather than eager to collect it; when merely exhaling did not result in criticism for poisoning the atmosphere; when abortion was something to be ashamed of, rather than a gender-selection procedure; when kids spent their summers outdoors rather than at video game consoles; when you did not have any idea of the politics of your favorite performer; and when people generally treated each other with respect.

Yes, I know, there was poverty and racism back then. But we still have poverty, and we have far more people receiving welfare benefits today than in the 1950s. We still have racism, but I often think it has been made worse over the last 10 years or so. I went to an elementary school with white and black children, but every black student I knew had two loving and responsible parents at home—and one of them was a father who had a job. Far too often, those children today have a mother at home, a father nowhere to be seen, and dependence on government that will probably continue through several generations. The collapse of families can be directly linked to leftist programs that, while perhaps well-intentioned, destroyed millions of lives.

As the years progressed, we have seen federal programs grow exponentially, while individual responsibility and accountability seem to have been reduced at that same rate. We have seen a Democrat Party that used to represent working people turn into a socialist-lite party, while the Republican Party has turned into a Democrat-lite party. Millions of Americans now want nothing to do with either of those parties. Those who do not understand that also do not understand how Donald Trump got elected president.

One issue illustrates that there is little difference between the two political parties; the minimum wage. Democrats initially pushed for the national minimum wage to be increased from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour. Now they demand $15.00 or, if higher, whatever the current activists call a “living wage.” They are oblivious to the fact that where individual states have increased their minimum wage to $10.00 or more, the result has been reduced employment in the restaurant industry and, not surprisingly, a transition to self-order kiosks that do not call in sick, demand vacations, talk-back to their bosses, require time-and-a-half pay for overtime, or refuse to serve police officers.

The reasonable person understands that raising the minimum wage does little but cause unemployment among the low-skilled and unskilled Americans who most need help, while boosting prices nationwide. You can raise the minimum wage all you want, but after a year or two of increased prices, the people who were poor will still be poor, the janitors will still earn less than general managers and CEOs, and everyone will be paying more for goods and services.

In more reasonable times, the Republican response to a call for an increase in the minimum wage was to argue against it and cite the many reasons why it is a bad idea. But we are not in reasonable times. The Republicans have been so bludgeoned by the Democrats and the media that they fear speaking honestly. Afraid to be called racists, anti-poor, or pro-business, the Republicans now cave in on many issues. If pressured just a little more, the Republicans will collapse and raise the minimum wage. Of course, they will agree to an amount that is less than $15.00 per hour, but they will still have given in.

The Republicans need to be reminded that there is a right and a wrong side to every issue. The minimum wage is one of them. If the Republicans agree to increase the minimum wage to, for example, $10.00 per hour, they will have accepted the wrong side of the issue—because the right side is to not raise it at all. How do they think the voters will react? When the voters see that the Republicans have capitulated on the issue, they will think, “What good is a Republican Party if it has no principles?” The voters will say, not without some justification, “Screw it. If the choice is not between sanity and insanity, but between two levels of insanity, I may as well go all in and get my $15.00 per hour! Yes, some people will lose their jobs and prices will go up, but I may as well enjoy the extra few bucks I’ll get in my paycheck before the prices increase.”

Take this same concept and extend it to ObamaCare. Thinking voters want ObamaCare repealed. Most do not want it replaced by more government interference in the economy. They want a free market in health insurance. Yet, when given a chance, the Republicans came up with an ObamaCare-lite proposal! If they are going to replace ObamaCare with another convoluted piece of legislation that does nothing to lower the cost of health insurance and health care and which also costs tens of billions of dollars per year, what is the point? Who can blame Republican voters for being frustrated, disillusioned, and angry?

That, of course, is what Obama and his demo-socialist comrades wanted all along. They knew that ObamaCare would be a disaster, a disaster that the disorganized Republicans would never have the courage to reverse or repeal. The increasing mess would lead Americans to eventually shrug their shoulders, cry uncle, and say, “I give up. Give us Medicare for all.” Just as voters will support a $15.00 Democrat-proposed minimum wage if the Republicans endorse $10.00 per hour, the voters will ultimately endorse socialized health care if the Republicans turn their backs on the free market system that made America the most productive and wealthiest nation in the world. If the politicians on both sides of the political aisle are going to hand out “free stuff,” can you blame anyone for voting for the candidate who offers more of it?

Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid forced down the throats of Americans a Rube Goldberg health insurance system. The Republicans absurdly believe they can remove some of the contraption on one side, add a little more on the other, patch the flimsy parts with duct tape, and then coast to reelection in 2018. No!

Many voters are at the ends of their ropes. I am one of them. If the Republican swamp creatures do not stop with their Democrat-lite proposals and actions, there is no point in voting for them. If they do not repeal ObamaCare, cut taxes, slash spending, and build a border wall to protect us, I will stay home on election day. Do not waste your time telling me, “Oh, but that will only give more power to the Democrats!” Frankly, I don’t see a lot of difference between the Democrats and many of the Republicans. (See: Collins, Susan and McCain, John.) House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have proven that they are, at best, incompetent, and, at worst, collaborators with the Democrats. I’d like to think Americans deserve better. But if we do not demand better, then we deserve more of the mediocrity we have been getting for decades.

If the Republicans are unable to remember conservative principles and rely on them to address the nation’s problems, I will not bother voting in 2018. Millions of Americans feel that way. Does that mean the Democrats might recapture the House and the Senate? Yes. Ask me if I care. When the choice is between Tweedledee and Tweedledum, I see no point in standing in line at the voting booth to pick one over the other.

With Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Maxine Waters in charge, this nation will look like Venezuela in a few decades. With Republicans like we have in Congress today, it will take only a few additional years. Spare me your usual “moral imperative” language, Republican candidates. You have long promised and little delivered. Give us results in 2017, or be sent to an early retirement in November 2018.

Don Fredrick
August 22, 2017
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The Collapse of the Democrat Party

The Collapse of the Democrat Party

The last six months have convinced me that the Democrat Party is collapsing. Why? It has run out of groups it can divide. The first major victory in the Democrat Party’s identity politics war was winning the black vote. When discussing upcoming civil rights legislation, President Lyndon Baines Johnson reportedly told two governors, “I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years.” Johnson convinced African-Americans that the Democrats were on their side and the Republicans were not. More than 50 years later, most black voters still believe that—even though their lot in life has generally been made worse by Democrat policies. (See: Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore.)

The next major victory for the Democrats came with the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. From that moment forward, a “right to an abortion” became a prominent part of the Democrat Party platform, and “pro-choice” women voters moved in the Democrats’ direction. The gender wage gap issue also moved women to the Democrat Party—which conveniently neglects to mention that gender pay discrimination had been illegal since the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

Although Democrat policies destroyed many black families, the tradition of strong Hispanic families continued. That, along with their work ethic and anti-abortion views, led many Hispanics to lean Republican. But because immigrant families often come from countries with socialist policies, many Hispanics were also used to the concept of a big, powerful government. The Democrat Party naturally believed it could increase its share of the Hispanic vote. Over several decades, Democrats (and willing Republicans) have succeeded in shifting immigration policies. The United States government had traditionally favored white European immigrants, but slowly began accepting more immigrants from Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, and third-world countries. The Democrats knew it was easier to import people who leaned toward socialism than to persuade existing Americans to turn to socialism. The atrocious immigration policies of the 1980s enabled that change, when President Ronald Reagan got snookered by the Democrats—who promised border security in exchange for more immigration. Of course, America got the immigrants but never got the border security.

While the immigration policies were changing, the Democrat Party convinced increasing numbers of Hispanics that the Republicans were racists. By the 2000 election, the Democrat Party had successfully wooed black voters, pro-abortion voters, and Hispanic voters. That was still not enough, however, as George W. Bush narrowly defeated Al Gore. In 2004 the Democrats failed again. (Of course, they did not help themselves by nominating John Kerry—one of the dumbest people ever to have run for president.)

By the time 2008 rolled around, the Democrats had convinced many voters that the Republicans were also anti-woman. That would, they thought, put Hillary Clinton in the White House. She may have been a crook and a liar, but the fact that she was a woman meant instant votes. With leftists in the mainstream media paving her way with fawning glass ceiling stories, Clinton was certain to win the Oval Office.

But Barack Hussein Obama came onto the scene, first propelled to fame by a book ghost-written for him by William Ayers and a 2004 Democrat National Convention speech that, while lackluster, cliché-filled, and sophomoric on paper, was well delivered by an expert con man. Obama entered the race in 2007 because he knew the Republicans would lose in November 2008. They had the economy, the media, and the juggernaut of the Democrat Party working against them. Obama knew the only races he had to win were the primary contests against Clinton. If that meant bringing in busloads of Chicagoans to improperly cast ballots in the Iowa caucuses, so be it. If that meant primary shenanigans in Texas, that was just the cost of doing business. (Obama had no desire to be vice president, and he had no desire to languish in the Senate while Clinton served two terms. It was 2008 or never for Obama.)

The 2008 election results made the Democrat Party believe it was unstoppable. It had divided Americans by race, gender, and abortion positions. The growing Hispanic population was continuing to move further to the political left, and getting non-citizens to illegally vote would not be difficult—especially with the “Motor Voter” legislation that had been enacted. How could the Democrats lose? They had the black vote sewed up, as LBJ had promised. They had the majority of the Hispanic vote, and that population was growing because of higher birth rates and massive immigration. They had the votes of single women because of the abortion issue. They had close to half the votes of married women. The only group they had not fully captured was white men. But the Democrats had even won over many of them in 2008 by playing the “white guilt” race card. What could go wrong?

Well, 2010 went wrong. Obama and the Democrats overreached with ObamaCare. The legislation was meant to be a stepping stone to a fully socialized health care system. But ObamaCare was so disastrous that the Democrats lost the House to the Republicans in a massive upset.

The Democrats did manage to get Obama reelected in 2012. They did so with the help of the media. (See: Crowley, Candy), and a weak Republican candidate who did not know how to fight. ObamaCare, Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandal all gave Mitt Romney policy ammunition to use against Obama. But Romney never even picked up a gun, let alone load it.

Because Obama was not on the ballot in 2014, the Republicans won the Senate. Regrettably, they failed to do anything of substance with their power. They controlled the House and the Senate. That gave them the opportunity to send hundreds of bills to Obama’s desk. Yes, he would have vetoed most of them, but the voters would have seen the unmasking of the Marxist. Like Romney in 2012, the Republicans in Congress choked in 2015 and 2016.

But the Democrats were still busy dividing Americans. They had the support of blacks, Hispanics, young women, leftist university professors, and the mainstream media. They still did not have the white vote, but they could continue to chip away at that. The Democrats did so, continuing to pound away on the issues of abortion, race, gender, immigration, and wealth inequality. Add homosexual rights to the mix, telling the voters that Republicans hate gays because they oppose gay marriage. Toss in transgender rights as well. How could the Democrats lose in 2016?

Then Donald Trump came along to upset the establishment apple cart. The Democrats (and establishment Republicans) hate Trump, but do not yet understand that they created him. They are now throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. “Russian collusion and hacking?” That’s going out the window with the revelation that the DNC data published by WikiLeaks could not have been hacked via the Internet and was copied directly by someone in the organization. (Records show that the data transfer speed could not have been accomplished via an Internet hack. The documents were copied in house, and then given or sold to WikiLeaks.)

If Russian collusion does not help the Democrats destroy Trump, what comes next? Obviously, the tried-and-true Democrat tactic of charging racism. How do they do that? When racists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, they allowed George Soros-funded Antifa and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters to assemble in the same place. The inevitable conflict created headlines, and the confrontation was blamed on Trump. The argument? Republicans and Trump are racists, so any violence committed by anyone is the fault of Trump and the GOP.

The problem now faced by the Democrats is that they have overplayed their hand. Because they have run out of groups to exploit, they have to go back to the same wells in an attempt to get a greater share of those groups. But to do that, they must take positions that are even more extreme. For example, the average American voter is comfortable with the position that homosexuals are entitled to the same rights as everyone else. As a result, many heterosexuals who felt homosexuals were being denied rights voted for Democrat candidates who supported that minority. The Democrats then pushed the envelope by not only endorsing same-sex marriage, they demanded punishment for anyone who opposed it. That backfired on the Democrats. Instead of gaining support, they lost it. Even someone who supports same-sex marriage may draw the line at jailing a county clerk who opposes the practice, or destroying a bakery or photography business because its owners prefer not to provide services for a same-sex wedding.

Similarly, one can be sympathetic toward individuals who believe they were born with the “wrong gender.” A voter might oppose a candidate who argues that transgenders are evil sinners, and endorse a candidate who is more understanding and accepting. But the Democrats pushed that envelope too far as well. A voter who might be sympathetic to transgenders does not necessarily extend that understanding to allowing men to freely use women’s public restrooms. Most Americans tend to have a “live and let live” attitude. If John wants to dress up like Jane, well, that’s his prerogative. But when John demands that the U.S. Army accept him as a recruit and then pay for his hormone treatments and sex-change surgery, a lot of voters move from the “Live and let live” category to the “What are you, nuts?” category.

The average American dislikes abortion but accepts that they are performed and tries to be sympathetic to young women whose poor judgment or abuse by men prompts them to seek to “terminate a pregnancy.” But an abortion in the first month of pregnancy is not the same as an abortion in the ninth month. On this issue the Democrats again overplayed their hand. Their 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, refused to even condemn late-term abortions. How can one possibly support aborting on October 23 a healthy baby whose due date is October 22? Yet that is the extreme position the Democrat Party has now taken. In working to increase support among pro-choice voters, the Democrats have turned away reasonable voters who said, “No, that is simply too extreme a position for me.” The Democrat Party is even reluctant to accept pro-life Democrat candidates; that is a litmus test many Americans reject.

On the issue of immigration, the Democrats oppose a border wall and endorse sanctuary cities. While those positions may boost support among Hispanic voters and those who endorse borderless, global socialism, they turn away millions of Americans who cannot fathom why anyone would not want to imprison or deport someone who has crossed the border illegally and then committed rape, armed robbery, or murder. Perhaps more than any other, that issue cost the Democrats the White House. (It will also cost Republicans some House and Senate seats if they do not fund a border wall.)

When Democrats go so far as to insist on renaming elementary schools because they were named after a man named Lynch who decades ago donated the property, the average American does not respond, “Yes, the Democrats are right. The name Lynch is offensive.” Rather, the average American responds, “The Democrats are nuts!”

With the tragic events in Charlottesville, the Democrats are again falling back on the race card to divide the American electorate. But their efforts to brand whites as racists are generating a result that is the opposite of what they expected. Increasing numbers of whites are saying, “Yes, there are some racists. But I am sick and tired of the Democrats trying to make it look as though all whites are racists. We are not and I am not!” Instead of dividing whites, the Democrats are uniting them.

The Democrats have pitted blacks against whites, blacks and whites against Hispanics, citizens against non-citizens, Muslims against Christians and Jews, atheists against believers, heterosexuals against homosexuals and transgenders, abortion supporters against abortion opponents, taxpayers against welfare recipients, young against old, middle-income earners against the wealthy, and they have intervened in just about every other conflict they could intensify and exaggerate. It worked for the Democrats for decades. But it is the only tactic in the party’s playbook (other than promising something for nothing). Now it has been played so often that almost everyone sees it coming. The Democrats have become the party of real and imagined victims and trumped up outrages. The rest of us have seen enough, had enough, and done enough to compensate those victims.

The Republican Party has become a party of straight white men and women—not because it is bigoted or racist, but because the Democrats have picked off most of the voters who are not straight white men and women. The Democrats have defined its enemy, yet now seem shocked to find that its declared enemy is starting to act in self-defense. The Democrats’ shame-and-blame tactic is collapsing, and the more they use it the more ridiculous they appear. When media pundits declare President Trump “subhuman,” all Republicans racists, and straight white males evil destroyers of the planet, they have moved into the realm of hysteria. When you have done nothing wrong but are continually being lambasted by the Democrats and their media comrades, at some point you demand a stop to it. Just as Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld gets so frustrated with Juan Williams that he is eventually forced to tell him to stop the condescension and pipe down, white Americans are saying to the Democrats, “Enough is enough.” The sleeping bear of conservative America has been awakened after years of aggravating prodding by the Democrats. That bear is bigger and angrier than the Democrats imagined, and they will not escape the bear’s revenge by hiding under Pajama Boy’s blanket.

The Democrat Party is now collapsing. As its leaders move further to the political left, it will transform into a socialist party. It cannot repair itself because that would require a repudiation of everything it has been doing for decades. Where the reasonable Democrats go remains to be seen, but if the nation is to survive the Republican Party must return to its conservative principles. If it chooses not to do so, a third party may emerge, and three major parties are unlikely to result in anything but diminished freedoms.

Don Fredrick
August 15, 2017