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President Donald Trumps Former Chief Of Staff Pictured Above As He Receives A full Presntation Of A Sheriff Kit Detailing Obamas Forged Bith Certificate

Fake Birth Certificate

Below Is The Investigation Conducted By The Sheriff's Office Which Determined By Forensic Evidence Obama's Birth Certificate And Selective Service Registration Form Are Forgeries. Copies Of The Investigation Have Been Available For Anyone To Download Or Request One On Dvd Or By Mail

Video Produced By Pixel Patriot

All Of The Above Investigative Information Was Placed On A Dvd Known As A "Sheriff Kit" All Members Of Congress, All Govenors, All State Attorney Generals, All Sheriff's Departments Have A Copy

Project Mailing Sheriff 's Kits to every Sheriff, Governor, Attorney General Courtesy Of

Mike Volin, CDR Charles Kerchner (ret), Dale Laudenslager, Ruth M., meeting in private with Congressman Charlie Dent.

Lots of information here.

For 16 years! This is what Obamas bio said. Only after he was running for President did it change and offered many excuses for not changing it. Are we really supposed to believe that?

CDR Kerchner's Brilliant Site

Download A Sheriff Kit Below

Cheryl from Mike Volin's WOBC team is presented with an autographed copy of the Sheriff’s Kit DVD by Sheriff Arpaio

WOBC offers the following link to download the Sheriff's Kit Ver. 1.8.4

Option 1 - One file at a time. With this method the menu and the autoplay feature is not included.

Trouble with Downloading the Sheriff's Kit, Contact Mike Volin @

Mike Volin In A Private Meeting With Congressional Attorneys

Mike Volin With Supporters Of In Front Of The Capital Presenting Sheriff Kits. Thank You All. You Are Patriots.

Thank You To All Who Helped.

Sherrif Joe Arpaio

Mike Zullo

Ruth M

Ann M. Prueter

Cheryl Surber

Jeff Harrison

Mona Pressley

Vicki Webster

David Small

Miki Booth

Cowboy Joe

CDR Kerchner (ret)

Dale Laudenslager

Tom P.

Birther Report

Bill D.

Pam F.



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RIP Cheryl Suber What a true patriot for our Country she was relentless working with us going to miss you dearly

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