Pictures Of Our D.C. Presentation Of The Sheriff's Kits

 Mike Volin And David Small Walking The Halls Of Congress.

Pictured Above And Below: Mike Giving A Presentation To Tiana L. Korley From Jim McDermott's Staff Contact Information: Tel. 202 225 3106 Fax. 202 225 6197

 Below Mike At Congressman Kevin Cramer Office. 

Contact Info: Tel. 202-225-2611 Fax. 202-226-0893

Speaker Of the House John Boehner

Contact: Tel. 202-225-0600

Fax. 202-225-5117

Below: Senator Patty Murray

Contact: Tel. 202-224-2621

Fax. 202-224-0238

Mike Volin With A affidavit And dvd from the Sheriff's kit In Front Of The capital

Tom P. At Trent Franks Office

Contact: Tel. 202-225-4576

Fax. 202-225-6238

Tom P. At Tim Huelskamp Office

Tel. 202-225-2715

Fax. 202-225-5124


David Valadao

Tel. 202-225-4695

Fax. 202-225-3196


Tom McClintock

Tel. 202-225-2511

Fax. 202-225-5444


Jeff Denham


Fax; 202-225-3402

Mike Volin and Ruth Reeder With Congressman Lou Barletta's Chief Of Staff Tom Lambertti In A Private Meeting. Notice how intently Mr. Lambertti is watching the video, this was the case with many of the presentations. 

Contact Info. Tel. 202-225-6511  Fax. 202-225-6250

Tom P. At Congressman Labrador Office

Tel. 202-225-6611

Fax. 202-225-3029

Doug Lamborn

Tel. 202-225-4422

Fax. 202-225-2638

Michele Bachman

Tel. 202-225-2331

Fax. 202-225-6475

Jeff Harison Delivered A Kit To

Congressman Glen Thompson

Tel. 202-225-5121  Fax. 202-225-5796

 Jeff Harison Presnted A Kit Directly To Senator Toomey, Jeff had previuosly gave a brief presentation to Senator Toomey.

Tel. 202-224-4254  Fax. 202-224-0284

Senator Robert P. Casey

Tel. 202-224-6324

Fax. 202-228-0604

Senator Barbara Boxer               Senator Dianne Feinstein        Congressman Devin Nunes  

           Tel. 202-224-3553                              Tel. 202-224-3841                      Tel. 202-225-2523

                                                   Fax. 202 224 3954                     Fax.202-225-3404

Tom P. And Jeff Harison With Congressman House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy

According to Tom and Jeff the Congressman Was extremely interested in the selective service registration card video presentation. Congressman McCarthy viewed the entire video.

Telephone: 202-225-2915    Fax: 202-225-2908  


This Is A Continuation Of The Reprensentatives Who Where Presented The Sheriff's Kits. This Is Not A Complete List, We Are Reserving The Release Of The Remainder For Security Reasons.



Congressman Ron Barber

Tel. 202-225-2542

Fax. 202-225-0378


Congressman Gus M. Bilirakis

Tel. 202-225-5755


Congressman Tom Marino

Tel. 202-225-3731

Fax. 202-225-9594


Congressman Jeff Duncan

Tel. 202-225-5301

Fax. 202-225-3216


Congressman Darrell

Tel. 202-225-3906


Senator Tom Harkin

Tel. 202-224-5501

Fax. 202-228-0924


Senator Patty Murray

Tel. 202-224-2621

Fax. 202-224-0238


Congressman Jim Bridenstine

Tel. 202-225-2211


Senator Mitch McConnell

Tel. 202-224-2541

Fax. 202-224-2499


Senator Orin Hatch  

Tel. 202-224-5251

Fax. 202-224-6331





Senator John Cornyn

Tel. 202-224-9499

Fax. 202-228-2281


Congressman Ami Bera, M.D.

Tel. 202-225-5716

Fax. 202-226-1298


Congresswoman Jamie Herrera Beutler

Tel. 202-225-3536

Fax. 202-225-3478


Senator Sherrod Brown

Tel. 202-224-2315

Fax. 202-228-6321


Congressman Rob Wittman

Tel. 202-225-4261

Fax. 202-225-4382


Congressman Mick Mulvaney

Tel. 202-225-5501

Fax. 202-225-0464


Congressman Paul Gosar

Tel. 202-225-2315


Congressman David Schweikert

Tel. 202-225-2190

Fax. 202-225-0096


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