Can the Obama Birth Certificate Issue Reach the Mainstream?

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Can the Obama Birth Certificate Issue Reach the Mainstream?

Can the Obama Birth Certificate Issue Reach the Mainstream?

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by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 26, 2017) — As announced on Friday evening, The Post & Email is seeking to raise a modest amount of money to meet its last-quarter expenses and continue its work on several fronts.

As readers here are aware, the Obama long-form birth certificate imageposted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 was deemed a forgery by a five-year criminal investigation but ignored by the mainstream press.

In an article reposted here on Tuesday morning, Marco Ciavolino offered nine reasons why he believes the issue of Obama’s hidden records, as well as the birth certificate forgery which brings his constitutional eligibility into question, have been ignored by the media and Congress.

Given the enormous potential ramifications, The Post & Email is seeking to launch a newly-conceived endeavor which we believe could focus more of the public’s attention on the Obama birth certificate issue. Thus far, the legacy media has controlled the narrative, silencing with ridicule anyone who has sought the truth on the matter.

But could that change? The Post & Email believes that it is possible.

To support this effort, we are asking anyone who has not recently supported us financially and is not in a hardship situation to consider donating $2.00.

In addition to that key issue, The Post & Email can report that there is a significant story coming out next week on a matter of high public interest and that we have independently confirmed that the information related in a letterfrom a Tennessee prison inmate alleging that there was no running water at the CoreCivic-operated prison, SCCF, is absolutely accurate.

Unlike other websites which focus on politics and division, The Post & Email believes that exposing government corruption, wherever it is found, is more important.

To those of you who already donated, thank you very much; your assistance has brought us to 10% of our goal.

Our mailing address is here, and Paypal donations can be sent to  We will keep you posted on our progress, particularly as it relates to launching this new effort.

We additionally appreciate all of your efforts to circulate our article links on social media and through your email lists.

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