Pictures Of Obama’s Real Father

You be the Judge

Examine the pictures here, upper left: Barack Obama Sr. (president obama’s alleged father). Upper right: George Obama Presidents half brother.

Lower left: Frank Marshall Davis President Obama’s child hood mentor self admitted communist who gave obama whiskey. Lower right: President Obama.

Now I ask you who looks like President Obama’s Father?

This could be the reason why President Obama is hiding is Birth Certificate.

I don’t know about you my father looks just like me. We are being lied to as this Country is being hijacked.

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395 thoughts on “Pictures Of Obama’s Real Father

  1. I am greately distressed concerning the upcoming election. When I think about everything that is occuring in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East (not to mention our own economy) we desperately need a strong leader. I’m not convinced that Barack Obama or any of the Republican candidates thus far have the experience or skills necessary to do the job the way it needs to be done. Being president of the U.S. is an exceptionally hard job. Do you think there is anyone out there with the experience, skill, and moral courage to do the job?

  2. he looks facially more like Jimmy Carter-but–his real father is egyptian, he is not even really black-the african father is a hoax, he is Egyptian and jewish, and he was born in syria Feb 5 1962

  3. Obama’s mother was such a slut, and slept with so many black men, any of them could be Obama’s father! Now you know where Obama’s immoral character stems from…
    J J

  4. This is not new, it has been speculated about since before he was even elected. It is really a stretch though and amounts to speculation. There is plenty of real things which have more value and raise more serious questions. It is as if saying this guy was a communist, is the main story to this. Big deal? Most of the NeoCons were communists in their day.

  5. From all three photos, it is very clear that Obama is the only one out of norm. His forhead, region above eyebrows, long nose, lower lips all point to mixed race implying a white mother.

    The Photos have also been selected carefully to allow the emotions of Obama equal with emotions of Frank Marshal Davis. The only serious similalarity between Frank and Obama is the region of their nose meeting the forehead. There is no depression which is common to Blacks and also to lower caste members of even white race.

    I can bet you I can find another seven photo of Blacks and also Whites and other races who have same look as Obama in this photo. But I am not going to do it without being paid. I hope you have been paid to do this psychological BS.

    If I need a reason to propose impeachment or removal of Obama, I choose his lies and breaking of promises to the people of USA. His continued support of war and more killing of innocent women and children and also the destruction of lives of peaceful people of many countries. His facial likeness to any dumbass is ridiculous reason to be excited about.

  6. Do you have a picture of his mother also, for comparing?

    Personally, I dont look anything like my father at all, but it doenst mean that my mother was unfaithful with the mailman(?).

  7. I have read only one story about the BC and its content mentioning the fact African is used to descrive the father and not Negro as was surely used in 1961 USA.
    There is a lot of other errors and the U K L Lee is laughable as other certs a few days from the Obama birth show a different registrar.
    Were there a dozen of them hanging around?
    maybe OB got the night shift registrar?
    I can guess OB will say “I dunno they gave it to me.” Someone is out to get him and set this up. African, U K L Lee, yeah right.

  8. pure crap … alll of it ..pure fabrication crap …should be ashamed of yourself … u probably thought it was fine having a rich white man for president, who bought his way into college and was mostly awol in the airforce …have u examined your racial bias ? …

  9. Having talked with several people around Kenya’s town called KISUMU and so called President Home town nearby
    The truth is that so called President Obama is NOT father by Barack!
    BIG LIE is being peddled by whoever is backing president about his real origines!

  10. This topic is neither entertaining or was covered correctly by any stooges at CNN or some other affiliate. Truth is Obama and his documents when put under the test Fail. Various family members have said he was not born in Hawaii,his history is that of being deceptive from day one, and the documents fail in so many ways its unbelievable how awful a fake it is. The sheeple have the information they need to go back to watching American Idol because if CNN and others have stated its “real” then it must be. They could have given you one on cardboard with crayons and many would find that acceptable. The man if you can call hm that is a fraud. Most intelligent people come to that conclusion. The dumb ones think that somehow we gain by insulting the truth.

  11. I’m all over this using this write-up, I really consider this website wishes rather more concern. I will most probably always be once more to understand more, appreciate your which details.

  12. 16. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is fantastic blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

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  14. Is this the new spin the birthers are going with? Their whole argument is based on him not being a citizen and thus not eligible to be president. Whoever if this guy is his real father (which he clearly is not) then that would make him a US citizen and eligible for the presidency.

    Shesh guys, just be honest with your racism. Just say you don’t want a black man as president. Just be honest with your racism white people.

  15. Thank you Shinobi for pointing that out. These white people are all racists and anyone who doesn’t like our dear President is a racist as well. Do you know that 56% of White male voters, voted for McCain in 2008? Why? Because they’re all RACISTS. Black people are almost never racists. In the 2008 election, 96% of the black vote went to Mr. Obama. What does this show? It obviously means that only 4% of blacks are racists like their white neighbors. So, thanks again Shinobi, keep up the good work.

    • You say 96 percent of black people voted for Obama this is a clear sign of being racist. Why can’t people vote for who they choose not who you choose. You idiot.

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  17. Frank Marshall Davis is definitelyBarry’s father..But, when his mother took him to indonesia he was a citizen of Indonesia by being adopted by his step father who was a muslim and He taught Barry to go to mosque..Barry never got back his US citizenship as he never applied for it before 19 years of age..His legal name is Barry Soetoro …. That is what makes him inelgiable to be president… Also reading about Davis makes me realize what barry wanted to hide in his birth right..No one would have elected this son of a committed commie and a nude photographer as well as a man who was on the FBI investigation list for over 19 years…

  18. obama’s sperm donor could be any number of blacks…make a guess? It is not obama’s fault his mother was a slut. So let it go folks…just vote in November. I didn’t vote for obama in 2008 and I won’t in 2012. TRS

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