Resist Trump Guide

One year and seven months ago, I released the below information along with
attachment.  Similar to another distribution I made of a 49-page handbook opposing
Trump, this playbook also depicts serious intent and planning to neutralize the
Trump presidency.  The level of sluggishness by patriots to respond is astounding! 
The level of deaf and dumbness permeating conservatives is equally astounding!! 
Just think what may have been if a year ago people began to respond to the
information in both the 49-page playbook I distributed, and now this one?  WAKE-UP
Patriots before you are lulled into such slumber the enemy will simply waltz in and
steal the mid-term elections and the general in 2020.  WAKE-UP Patriots before you
slumber so deep that when you are awaken, the Socialist Democrat Party (Marxists)
are sitting in seats of power more than they are today. ~LJR  




Tuesday –

February the 14th, 2017

1315Hrs; M.S.T. (Arizona)







                                                          SELECTIVELY DISTRIBUTED –


BRIEFING LEVEL:                        Elected Officials and key Conservative


SUBJECT OF BRIEFING:              25-page Guide of Resistance demonstrating the
dedicated and organized game plan to collapse the Trump Administration



I am indebted to a 25-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol (Ret) who
understands the tradecraft of Intelligence gathering.  This retired law enforcement
professional has remained in the fight to preserve and defend the Constitution of
the United States from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.  It was through this law
enforcement professional who personally obtained this playbook I am able to
distribute this vital information to incumbents, as well as conservative activists,
and general all-around Patriots.  I already have written him privately making the
offer to buy the coffee and donuts.  ~LJR



SEE ATTACHED – Indivisible Guide

A harsh and unsettling truth is that an active assault has been launched to collapse
the Trump Administration into pure rubble.  The harsh and unsettling truth is that
the same assault launched by anarchists, and those who subscribe to a mean-spirited
socialist/communist belief system has been launched to collapse the United States
and our constitutional form of government along with the principles and values
comprising our foundation.  Evidence is mounting to substantiate this statement of
fact.  Yet…Americans are still in denial, pre-occupied with all the things of life,
and unable to see behind the curtain at the diabolical elite influencing, funding
and directing actions and activities disrespectful and hateful to America.  While
Americans go about their lives, over 250 offices have been set-up across the country
each staffed with trained anarchists prepared to bring civil disruption/destruction,
economic chaos.


Indivisible: A practical guide for resisting the Trump Agenda hereto attached is
another exhibit submitted to prove an active assault is well underway as I stated.  
Indivisible are former congressional staffers who witnessed the rise of the Tea
Party, and now have borrowed heavily from the former Tea Party to launch an
aggressive assault promoting a radical progressive agenda intent on collapsing the
Trump Administration and the United States as we have known her.  The disturbing
guide you are about to read will further demonstrate a well-organized and funded
program has been launched by Democrats and the myriad of their radical, socialist
organizations.  May this material be another Wake-Up Call for dedicated prayers of
intercession over our leaders and this Nation; for conservative elected officials to
stand and no longer worry about reelection, but worry about having the very
sovereignty of their state and our Nation erased!  May this be a Wake-Up Call for
former Tea Party Patriots to consider whether or not you are going to merely stand
by and watch all your good work dismantled, or will you find your collective voices
again – and then use them!   


Lyle J. Rapacki,Ph.D

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